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full clip, run time 28 minutes

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black tape over the gag until the end

the camera work is shakier than usual, apologies-

Mizz Amanda Marie is in the hands of two stocking cap bandits, Adara Jordin and JJ Plush. She endures a barrage of punishments and humiliation on her feet in 5″ heels and layers upon layers of gags. A nice crotch rope over her thong with red bush escaping from the sides happens. She is hogtied and water poured on her toe tied stocking feet. What will come of this curvy hogtied filthy lovely lady???

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full clip, run time 34 minutes

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part 1 in the chair

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part 2 in the red leather arm sleeves

A pretty blond Adara has a rich woman held captive. She is counting on money from her husband…but he doesn’t seem to be coming through. She ushers her over to a chair blindfolded and ballgagged. She sits her in the chair and makes threats and gropes her. She spanks her bent over the chair and stands her up and makes her strip down to her girdle and stockings. She is put out twice and her gag is removed and a scarf used as a cleave in its place. She struggles and struggles and tries to get free from the chair terrified that her lousy husband won’t come through but she can’t escape.

The next seen shows the pretty blond bringing the lady into another room. She is brought in with leather sleeves on her arms, legs strapped up. Adara strips out of her dress and pantyhose and takes off her thong and gags the nervous woman with it. Her head is wrapped with tape and her legs are strapped up. She is nipple clamped and left and tries to make a run for it but she is me with a weapon and forced to the floor and attached to the wall. A mask has been added to the gag and the woman puts her pantyhose over her eyes as a blindfold. What will happen now??

Much of this was a custom video, interested?

jj, patience please-

not a member here but wan to own this clip. Get it from Adara


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run time  47 minutes

The tables have turned for the kinky warden.  She has found herself in a world of trouble and lands herself in prison.  What she doesn’t know, is that the inmate she decided to force into playing her kinky games with her is now a CO at the prison, and she will be personally dealing with ex-warden Adara.  After Adara’s transport she arrives at the jail where CO JJ greets her.  Adara is going to receive extra special treatment as far as JJ is concerned, and her treatment will be effective immediately…  She is searched inappropriately, stripped, finger printed, and pictured for her mug shot.  After yet another naked strip search,  Adara is made to change her uniform.  Adara loses her temper while JJ is shackling her and thinks it would be a good idea to spit on her…. Wrong! JJ grabs Adara by her throat and places her in a restraint chair.  She is made to wear a spit mask.  She struggles in the chair until CO JJ comes back to wheel her out.  Adara is put in a cell until it was time for JJ to get back to work to torment her some more.  After some waiting Adara is pulled out stripped down and chair tied.  Time for some kinky games for poor ex-warden Adara……



Many thanks to I Love Rope Bondage/Frank for organizing this shoot for me. Many of you know my husband and I are separating and there is a lot of very, very bad (for me) that goes along with it.  Plus such generosity from everyone that drove to the middle of nowhere and donated their precious time to me on their day off on that buggy muggy day. I am so grateful!!  I’ll be sending copies of the clip to everyone involved tomorrow.

Frank, Je C, T, Dakkota, Adara, Cinched and Secured (who filmed this clip) and Fenrex who donated the space for us

and yes the ladies were really going for a drive in the trunk and using a phone to film themselves

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full clip, run time 33 minutes and 45 seconds

A car backs into a long driveway and two men emerge. They are transporting 3 bound and gagged women in the trunk (Je C, Dakkota & Adara Jordin). One of them has her phone on and she is making a video of them all yelling for help. The men pop the trunk and a woman appears to peer in, she plucks the phone from blonde making sure she hasn’t placed any calls or texts.  Then one by one all 3 women are pulled out of the trunk and placed into a wagon for further humiliation and then taken to the garage. The crew decides to take the women to the sweltering attic stuffed full with bdsm torture devices. The scene opens with all of the woman caged, of the the female captor ties a piece of each of their hair to the top of the cage just to make them all even more uncomfortable. They are pulled out and all tied standing and hunched over, two of them nipple clamped and miserable. The three still have a lot of fight in them up their in the 105F room so the bad guys decide to get them hogtied on the floor. Each of them get their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped, blondie that was caught with the phone gets her panties cut off and her shaved puss is exposed, sweaty panties stuffed into her mouth stuffed. Her tan bare skin glistening in the heat while the other two endure the hellish heat hogtied in their pantyhose. The crew takes off for a break, but what will happen to the helpless women??


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run time 54 minutes, full version

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cuff part

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the rest of it

A crazed woman hires an escort that looks a lot like her missing lover Carissa. The two quickly get into making out and then the woman stands up to get her pretty little visitor a cocktail. Curious about the contents of the bag next to her the escort opens it and is horrified about the bdsm items she sees inside,she isn’t kinky like that and didn’t even want to wear the pvc dress. The woman that hires her is disappointed that the girl isn’t willing to play her kinky game so she makes her go out. Then Adara Jordan (the girl)  is all cuffed up against her will. She is hit with a flogger, pantyhose ripped, panties ripped off and she was given a vibrator and told to try to get herself off. Then she was hogcuffed with a leg of her pantyhose over her head and her bra stuck over her eyes.  Next the pretty escort appears in the basement and tied and gagged in a chair before the woman comes back in for more fun. Her gag is removed and then her head goes into a latex hood connected to latex shorts. She can barely breathe as she is forced to have some fun with her captor. Next a dick on a stick is used on the pretty whore and she is left gagged and hogtied on the floor unsure of whether she was in heaven or hell just waiting to see what will happen next….


This was a custom video

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run time 36 minutes

Adara is skipping school and using her mothers vibrator. Her mother is angry and drags her out of the bed by her hair and begins to spank and berate her.  She is spanked over the knee, standing up, with her own belt, with a paddle hair brush! She is forced to count and to take off her panties and stuff them in her mouth and count more. Then she has to put them back on her body all wet and get spanked more before removing them and being gagged with them. Eventually she is hogtied on the floor and her thigh high sock is used as a blindfold. She won’t be masturbating in mommys bed anymore…


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run time almost an hour

JJ is sleeping in her cell when a new warden comes in and wakes her up. She is angry, she cuffs her and escorts her out of the cell only to search her over her clothes taking a long time at her crotch and breasts. The warden pulls out a knife and pretends that she found it on the inmate, she gets nasty with her and forces her into a waist chain and then into a cage and then back into an open area. She puts a hood on her and escorts her back into the cell for a while before she comes to get her. When she is retrieved the warden has a difference attitude. She has the inmate sit in a chair and she starts to basically make love to her size 6 bare feet. Unsure of what is happening the inmate rubs her feet into the crotch of the wardens pantyhose. After some time the inmate decides to take advantage of the wardens new attitude. She grabs a lot of cuff stuff and gets her all cuffed up standing with her strong legs still in heels. A rag is stuffed in her mouth and then a ballgag goes over it. Then she is put on the floor, more cuffs added and metal nipple clamps and that rag has been stuffed in her mouth and her head wrapped tightly with microfoam. The inmate hands the key to the warden and walks off. What will happen next.

*reloaded this clip today 7/8 but IF you experience additional site problems today it is most likely because I am in the process of switching servers now which is actually a very good thing. IF there is down time it will be resolved quickly. Thank you.

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run time over 22 minutes

JJ went to a lesbian bar for happy hour after work. She was going through a bad breakup and didn’t want to deal with any men trying to talk to her. A pretty blond bought her a few drinks and they had a nice conversation that didn’t revolved around men. Not being interested in women when she was ready to go she thanked the girl (Adara Jordin) and headed off to her car, but, the very unstable Adara was annoyed that the woman had been such a tease accepting the cockails and she forces her (JJ) home with her with back up from her friend Geneveive. Adara manhandles JJ and crotch ropes her and talks a lot of nonsense. JJ struggles to get rid of the ropes and gag which just irritate Adara and Gen even more. She is gagged with Adara’s panties and vet wrap but manages to spit them out. When Adara runs off to find something sticky to secure them ino her mouth JJ pleads with Genevieve to untie her. Adara returns with clear tape and then they leave JJ hogtied with her elbows tied. She struggles hard to get free. She is almost out of the arm ropes, perhaps with less than half a minute left to wriggle out of those ropes wrapped around her wrists but the two come back in, annoyed at the mess she has made they just decide it is time to force JJ into Adara’s spread legs…

3rd update of the week

This was a custom, interested?  (I’m a very slow emailer tho, FYI)

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40 minutes

 Adara has been a hard working fetish model all week and she is ready to get out of the sweltering heat of the woods and onto the sandy beach, only I know it’s pouring down rain and chilly and I need some content and we are in a unique place….. so I tell her it’s a spa day and she can massage her back on the rollers and get a nice therapeutic detox wrap. She is wrapped in vetwrap, panties left expose for a teasing vibrator and eventually an orgasm. Her feat are tickled a lot, her nose and mouth are tickled, her toes are tied and she gets a spreader gag and nose hooks. It’s 85 and muggy and my little slave Adara does a good job. Afterwards she does a long hop over to the other side of the building to say hello to Eric and his model and then she cuts herself free….

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run time 35 minutes

Fayth was hitting on JJs girl Adara while they were on a business trip. Fayth knew that the two were in a relationship….so JJ and Adara decide to have a little fun with her- against her will for being so rude. They drag her into the room and get her bound up admiring her reinforced toe pantyhose and red dress. They get her tied to a post in the room and rub their pantyhose clad legs all over her body but they aren’t done yet. Fayth and Adara both appear tied on the bed next. JJ tells them to put on a sensual struggling show, Fayth is confused about the entire situation but does as she is told while Adara really seems to be enjoying herself… Finally the two get stockings caps and get hogtied tightly on the bed. The lesbian couple is really turned on now, but they don’t plan to include Fayth in on the fun.

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