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This was a super fun custom video

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run time 56 minutes

RELOADED¬† 2pm EST, should be working well now….

Adara Jordin has been catfished. A woman has been watching her and knew that she was straight but wanted to have her anyway. So she sets up a fake profile online as a dude to lure her in. She succeeds and Adara shows up at her door. She is wearing a big flannel and a funny hat with fake hair. She immediately knocks Adara out and drags her into the other room where the madness ensues… At first Adara thinks the guy is kinky and is turned on by it all, but then she reaches for the cock and its hard and fake. Then it is lights out again. She is taped to a chair and the woman leaves to put a dress on and to become her true self, taped in a ball, taped into a hogtie, forced to suck on the woman’s pantyhose clad feed, face fucked with the dildo the woman was hiding in her man outfit, fucked with it and then told to get into a pantyhose outfit and sweater and taken for a ride in the back seat while hogcuffed.