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This was a super fun custom video

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run time 56 minutes

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Adara Jordin has been catfished. A woman has been watching her and knew that she was straight but wanted to have her anyway. So she sets up a fake profile online as a dude to lure her in. She succeeds and Adara shows up at her door. She is wearing a big flannel and a funny hat with fake hair. She immediately knocks Adara out and drags her into the other room where the madness ensues… At first Adara thinks the guy is kinky and is turned on by it all, but then she reaches for the cock and its hard and fake. Then it is lights out again. She is taped to a chair and the woman leaves to put a dress on and to become her true self, taped in a ball, taped into a hogtie, forced to suck on the woman’s pantyhose clad feed, face fucked with the dildo the woman was hiding in her man outfit, fucked with it and then told to get into a pantyhose outfit and sweater and taken for a ride in the back seat while hogcuffed.

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run time over 43 minutes

Ms Jordin shows up at a photoshoot very full of  herself having recently shed some lbs, bleached out her hair and got some big tits. The photographer is a little on edge because she had hired a more flat chested girl with a big booty. Adara talks about how hot she is and how she won’t be charging the woman more even though she should. The photographer didn’t care to photograph her anyway, someone had placed an order for a certain type of girl for a client….now she will have to find a new client for this slim and busty girl. It is easy to get the girl into some bondage to make her easier prey… Once she is attached to the bondage chair and ballgagged she realizes that she isn’t just there for photos. This woman has other ideas. She gets the chair, a red ballgag, taped up,  a white ballgag and is hogtaped very tightly. She gets some time outs shall we call them… Finally she is cut out just from the hogtaping and handed some scissors to free herself, but she won’t be able to.

to be continued.

Her first ever clip for this site as well as her first hogtaping-


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run time 29 minutes

Cassandra Cain struggles taped in a chair and ballgagged with over a 2 inch gag for a while before a woman approaches her and tapes her up even more.  She is laid to rest for a while and the kinky woman that is holding her captive also puts herself out. Then her gag is changed to bright red shiny panties and loads of tape. Eventually she gets hogtaped and can barely move without assistance, her perfect DDs exposed for us… Next she gets hogtaped and she is not pleased about it, finally her captor takes herself out once again too…..

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run time 19 minutes

Gigi and JJ are neighbors and Gigi has A LOT of cats that roam the neighborhood. JJ has a garden and hates cats, she wants Gigi to keep the cats contained and out of her yard but Gigi insists that JJ chill out and ignore the cats. That isn’t going to happen, the pretty Italian lady gets her wrists and elbows all taped up and a big white ball between her teeth. Her legs are taped up too and now she is helpless, but not helpless enough for her enraged neighbor… Ropes are added to the tape and the ball is removed and a full bandana goes into Gigis mouth sealed shut with layers of vetwrap and then lots of black vinyl tape. She still bucks even with her hands asleep an cinched to her little body with a crotch rope so JJ has no other option but to hogtie her, choosing tape instead of rope. Maybe the pretty cat lady will reconsider keeping her cats indoors now….

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run time 13 minutes and 40 seconds

Overly confident college cutie Anna is waiting for her sugar daddy in a little black dress and shiny Wolford tights but instead an older woman (JJ Plush) comes in claiming that SHE is another one of his sugar babies. The young woman starts firing insult after insult at the older  woman but she isn’t phased. She gets to taping the girl up tightly, throwing her around by her hair and groping her. She is sat on the couch and nipple clamped, gagged tightly and eventually hogtaped on the floor. Upon leaving JJ tells Anna that he offered her $5000 just to come in and treat her this way as long as she took some photos for him-