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write in this blog I mean…

I took out my hair extensions today…I need to do that from time to time. I need to see how my real hair is doing and really feel my scalp, lol. It has body and it is getting healthy which is really nice, but it still isn’t long. I had killed it with the blond and then I put in extensions that were even more damaging  for  a while and it fell out at the root. I finally found something that doesn’t cause much damage so that is goood.  Since the extensions were out I had it lightened a bit more…In July I had the black stripped out and it was various shades of dark brown. I wanted it lightened to a very dark blond or light brown but what happened today is a  reddish/brownish/dark blondish….It is a pretty color but I tend to like extremes like black or white….or very short or very long and right now it isn’t black or white or very short of very long, lol.  I’ve had it close to this color before, also by accident….it seems to WANT to be this color, lol.

Above is a photo of me in my robe right after it was done, about an hour ago,  AND for you fellas that LOVE the long hair. NO I did not chop off my real hair….yes I did take out my extensions and they will go back, in the proper shade. lol.

On another note…I logged into clips4sale and took a look at my best selling clips ever. A few of them really surprised me, they sold a lot over a long period of time and not right away…I’m not good at looking at any kind of stats…which sometimes I think is to my advantage and other times not so much. I’m locating those clips on old hard drives and I plan on posting them here within the next week.

Todays update is an older clip of Serene….but whenever I post an older clip, I’ll post a new one as soon as I can get around to it as an apology for posting an old one, for those of you that may have bought it on clips4sale in years past. So three NEW updates a week…and then who knows how  many older ones I’ll be adding as I locate them.

I did try out and love an image gallery program the other day. It was rather intuitive and made sense to a computer dummy (me). When they sent me the link to download the real program all I got was an error message and I had others confirm just in case I was somehow doing something wrong on my end. I emailed the company three times….never got an answer. Today I visited their website and filled out a trouble ticket. Hopefully they will respond later today since I already paid for this thing. No members have asked for images, but I’m excited to offer them…This will be the first time I’ve been able to offer image galleries ever, unlike the clips which I have been posting for a few years…

On another note lovely little tough blond girl Adara Jordan is supposed to come this weekend. I’m looking forward to working with her and HOPE she actually makes it. She had to cancel last time. I believe Amaya Solace is coming next week. I get to shoot with Carissa Montgomery again shortly thereafter and then GG from Jersey will be here and Steve and Vanessa Villa! I get two weeks of blonds and then a week of milfs. If anyone would like a custom with any of those ladies check out the custom area and send me an email.

Goodnight everyone and Happy Friday.

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I tie her up on screen which takes about 5.5 minutes then I decide to put a huge harness gag on her. She doesn’t seem to like the idea of the harness gag but it’s too late, she is already tied up. Then I cut her pretty yellow sweater away, tape her boobs up with electrical tape and then put nipple clamps on them. After a bit I take the clamps off and take the harness gag off, swapping it out with a big pair of panties and some clear tape. Then I help her to the floor and hogtie her on screen. Next I take the tape off her breasts, telling her it’s because I know it is painful to lay on them, but really I just think her boobs are so pretty without any bondage, I’d prefer to see them free. Next I add just a bit of clear electrical tape to that gag to tighten it up 🙂

run time over 21 minutes

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Dixie is showing JJ and Tony a lovely home but they have no intention of buying it. She starts to brag that she is the most successful realtor in the county and that she has been featured in a magazine. She offers them expensive champagne and shows off the article. She is so full of herself they can hardly stand to be in the same room as her, but they’ve done their research. They know this woman will have a purse full of cash…Once in the basement  JJ ties her up. They stuff her mouth and wrap vetwrap tightly around her head…pulling her tits from her expensive suit and swatting them. JJ eventually hogties her and the couple leaves with her designer purse which contains the keys to her mercedes, her checkbook credit cards and a bunch of cash.

Run time 18 minutes and 20 seconds

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I am near Pittsburgh and I got to shoot with Dixie Comet today! We did three really fun clips and did some shopping, went to dinner and had drinks. I adore her!! The first one we shot in the woods. She was a cop and I was a crazed hunter of all things!! The second one she was a snooty realtor and we robbed her  taking her purse and car and the third one she and Tony picked me up on the side of the road. I was having car problems and they wanted a play thing and abducted me. That one gotta a bit creepy, lol. Here are some vid stills from the shoots. One of them will be an update today.  I haven’t been to sleep yet and it is morning time :(. I’m such a vampire. I’ll be heading back home to Detroit for a couple of weeks and I’ll start to add those image galleries soon as bonus updates and there are a few more videos I’d like to have here that I won’t count as updates. Also I figured out how to make the vid stills a bit larger than I have been posting them. What I was doing for clips4sale doesn’t look nice enough here in my opinion, but I don’t want them to open up really huge either. I’m being so ADD but on another note, if you are a model or producer with a non-clips4sale site and you’d like to exchange banners or links just send me an email-

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Dakkota sits in a white bra, whitepanties and shimmery white stockings. She slips both legs into one leg of pantyhouse and then I help her into a pair that we make into a shirt. I have sit down and then I tape up her ankles, thighs and calves with leopard print duct tape. I ask her about her first bondage shoot, and then tape up her upper body with more leopard tape and then I go back and add more electrical tape and add a white ballgag, which barely fits between her teeth. Now the pretty lady struggles for us in the chair before I put a pair of panties in her mouth, put her hair up in a ponytail, wrap her head with clear tape and then with thick electrical tape. Then she gets to the floor and struggles in her encasement. She thought we were done when I decided to put a stocking cap over her head and cut a hole in the top to pull her hair thruand then add more electrical tape. The gag is now even tighter. The beautiful woman struggles on the floor for a while but then I can’t help but cut her butt out of the pantyhose. The control top was just covering it up too much! Then I hogtape her, starting at her ankles and then pulling her up by her ponytail as she makes some adorably pitiful noises. She can’t roll on her side so I roll her but she can’t take it and I roll her back on her stomach. I ask her if it is tighter than the last hogtie that I did on her and she said yes….I know from experience that the hogtaping from the mouth around the ankles is pretty hard to deal with, but she did really well! I cut her hands free and let her pull off her stocking cap and pull her gag out.

run time 22 minutes and 45 seconds

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The clip below is a shorter version that starts when Dakkota gets on the floor

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run time 10 minutes

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It is officially Monday and I’m posting my first new update. I promised updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but for the next few weeks I will most likely be posting more often to load some older content that I’d like to have here. Image sets coming shortly as well, but those will just be freebie updates and not count as updates.  I haven’t been promoting the site because I am still waiting to get VISA put onto that join form. I’m trying to be patient, lol…but in the mean time you can still join in a variety of other ways.

I’m going to Pittsburgh for a couple of days tomorrow. If the weather permits I’ll be shooting Dixie Comet in the woods there. I’ve felt really lousy the past couple of days but I’m ready to get out of the house and back into the swing of things. I’m also a day behind on a couple of custom videos I owe people so I’ll get those done there as well!

I’m in an interesting calendar that stars Satori Circus, a local performance artist and wonderful friend. You can check out his site:
The proceeds from this unique calendar go to charity. Here is the image I’m in… a cheap yellow wig and a lovely long leg panty girdle from girdlebound. The other model with me is Xaina, another Detroit performance artist. Satori and I have done a few shoots together….I’ll dig out those images and post some of them here eventually. They are interesting to say the least!!!

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JJ and her landlord decide to play a very cruel joke on JJ’s husband. It turns out both girls are a little on the kinky side and recognized each other from The couple had gotten behind in their rent but JJ was able to get them caught up so the joke was going to be easy to pull over on him. One day the landlord shows up at the door with an eviction notice. JJ gets realllly angry and attacks the tiny woman as she is explaining that they need to leave. The poor thing barely weighs 100 pounds and quickly succumbs to JJ while JJ’s husband is bewildered…He can’t believe what is happening right in front of him. Once the landlord is out JJ gets some rope, ties up her wrists and her ankles and then as she comes to she sits her up and adds more chest ropes and then gags her with a pair of satin panties and some tight microfoam tape. Her husband can’t believe she has this rope, let alone even knows how to tie up this woman. JJ lays into her husband…she says there is no way she is going to move again. They have too many things and she likes it there way too much. She tells poor Tony that they will keep her there…feed her water her and without her in the way no one will ask them to leave. In JJ’s haste (intentionally) she spills a drink but there is only one small dishrag in the kitchen which isn’t enough to clean up her mess. So she leaves Tony with the landlord whiles she goes to the laundry room to get a bigger towel. Tony quickly starts to ungag her pull her hair tie and hogtie rope off but JJ comes up and yells at him and attacks him momentarily before the two women start to laugh and say Happy April Fools Day. He just can’t believe it…

run time 16 minutes and 10 sec

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This was the very first corrupt security guard clip that I ever shot 🙂

I saw this lady wandering around the building in a red sequined gown and tall heels. There is only one reason that kind of woman would be lurking around this type of place after hours so I quickly take things into my own hands, pushing her up against the wall, frisking her, cuffing her hands and putting leg irons on her. I love this type of thing to happen so there was no way I was going to call the cops, I was going to have a little fun with this whore. I walk her into my space and recuff her to the chair, shove a big blue racquet ball into her mouth and wrap duct tape around her head numerous times. Just to make sure she can’t weasel her way out, I add another layer of electrical tape to that. Then the fun really begins. I pull her dress out and attach nipple clamps to her, eventually tie them down in front of her and then pull her head back…she doesn’t seem all that thrilled but I’m really enjoying myself. Eventually I uncuff her and pull that tape off. I have her spit that ball out and drool comes gushing out. THIS IS WHERE PART 1 ABOVE ENDS. I know her jaw is aching but then I stuff her mouth with a pair of panties left behind by the last whore I found wandering around and wrapped a tight piece of fabric around her head to secure it. I have her get on her knees and I tie her up with ropes. I can’t tell if she hates it or is loving it to be honest, but I keep going. I slap her tits a little and say nasty things to that woman. She struggles on the floor and I put her into a nice hogtie and let her lay there struggling and moaning for while before I come back with one last touch, a rope thru her gag pushing those panties in deeper and around her forehead to keep her up off the ground. After a bit I ask her if she’s learned her lesson. I think she has. (Both characters break after that and I ungag her and unrope her just a bit on screen because she loves it soooo much I like to share that sort of thing. The untieing starts at 23.5.

Run time 27 minutes

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Welcome everyone! It FINALLY happened. The site is live. I am just now waiting on Visa approval,  the others have approved it.  I just purchased a program that will allow me to insert image galleries and I should have that under control by the end of the weekend. Once I know what I’m doing there I will start to advertise that I am up and running. In the meantime you can join now anyway!

Feral, Image by Don Sir

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