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3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 22 minutes

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gag scene, then struggling scenes only

run time 6 minutes 40 seconds

Dakkota and Cherry are tied and cleave gagged and told to pace around in their classic business attire and told to turn in a circle before sitting back to back and being tied together. They struggle a bit before their starter gags are removed and their mouths are stuffed and faces wrapped with tape, more struggling, and tape added to their upper bodies.  Then the classy broads are tipped over rendering them even more helpless. Their ankles are tied together and although they eventually get their wrist ropes off they are still completely helpless. More tape is added to their gags. Lots of shots of the black control top hose and the ivory pantyhose with built in girdle with teal blue panties peeking out…

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run time 17 minutes

Two milfy business women are bound and gagged on a couch. They are struggling to untie one another when a woman comes in and makes them get to the floor. She hogties them and tells them that she is going to leave them there while she finds out where she needs to take them. After a bit they are shown walking into another location. They are tied tightly to chairs. They are gagged with socks and clear tape. They are left to struggle for a while back they can’t get loose. The woman comes back and turns their chairs back to back. She tapes their heads together with the clear tape. The brunette is yanking her head hard to try to break the tape but all she is doing is twisting the blondes neck terribly. The two women are stuck there bound and gagged and helpless…


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Cherry is on the phone with her husband telling her she is on her way to the last interview for a job she is sure she is going to get. The job pays 200K a year. As she closes her purse to leave a woman comes in and Cherry tells her she isn’t taking anymore more appts today, but the woman pulls a weapon on her and has her stand with her hands on the wall. She frisks her and then gets to work tying her up. JJ is next in line for that job and she is really desperate to get it. Not thinking straight with that kind of money at stake.  She needs to make sure Cherry doesn’t show up so she can take the job. She ties her up, gropes her, gives her a crotch rope, cinches her arms to her body, talks crazy things into her ear accuses her of sleeping with the potential new boss and then stuffs her mouth with the panties she claims she had worn the day before and wraps her head with duct tape very tightly. The woman starts to choke on the panties and JJ lets her wriggle around for a bit before putting her on her stomach and adding a hogtie, last but not least she adds a few layers of electrical tape and decides why not take the womans handbag, high heels and laptop on the way out. The crazed woman leaves the office to go and get her dream job…What will happen next? The police will surely catch on and then what…


New model to this site, Sikora Kelly

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run time almost 15 minutes

Two women are being led thru a warehouse with their wrists tied up by a man. He has his accomplice come along who is pissed that he has these two women, but they had no other way to keep these two from court. The woman with the thick southern accent is angry and yelling while the other girl is calm and subdued. The angry one is the first to be removed from the pole and hogtied on the floor. Then her friend is brought over and more rope added to her. She sits relatively quietly while they decide how to shut up her friend. The female accomplice removes her large panties and hands them to the man to stuff in her mouth. He wraps her head with vetwrap. She is still angry and struggling around, next the young cutie pie gets hogtied and is cleave gagged with the remainder of the vetwrap. The two women are left there struggling and unable to testify in court the next day


HaPpY 4th Of JulY to My FeLlOw AmEriCaNs!!!

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run time almost 18 minutes

new model to this site!!

Cherry Velvet has always wanted to be tied up so she puts up a Craigslist Ad talking about her fantasy. Of course JJ is quick to answer it. Once JJ gets there she gets right to work, tying the pretty southern ladies legs up and then handing her a ballgag and telling her to gag herself before adding more rope. After she has struggled in the tie sitting up for a while, JJ returns and folds up a shop rag, shoving it in her mouth and wrapping her head with microfoam tape before helping her to her stomach and putting her into a hogtie. JJ leaves her there to check out her place and take a few items and leaves her there reminding her that she should never meet people off of the internet. Cherry struggles for a bit before her friend shows up to check up on her…