New model to this site, Sikora Kelly

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run time almost 15 minutes

Two women are being led thru a warehouse with their wrists tied up by a man. He has his accomplice come along who is pissed that he has these two women, but they had no other way to keep these two from court. The woman with the thick southern accent is angry and yelling while the other girl is calm and subdued. The angry one is the first to be removed from the pole and hogtied on the floor. Then her friend is brought over and more rope added to her. She sits relatively quietly while they decide how to shut up her friend. The female accomplice removes her large panties and hands them to the man to stuff in her mouth. He wraps her head with vetwrap. She is still angry and struggling around, next the young cutie pie gets hogtied and is cleave gagged with the remainder of the vetwrap. The two women are left there struggling and unable to testify in court the next day

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