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Cherry is on the phone with her husband telling her she is on her way to the last interview for a job she is sure she is going to get. The job pays 200K a year. As she closes her purse to leave a woman comes in and Cherry tells her she isn’t taking anymore more appts today, but the woman pulls a weapon on her and has her stand with her hands on the wall. She frisks her and then gets to work tying her up. JJ is next in line for that job and she is really desperate to get it. Not thinking straight with that kind of money at stake.  She needs to make sure Cherry doesn’t show up so she can take the job. She ties her up, gropes her, gives her a crotch rope, cinches her arms to her body, talks crazy things into her ear accuses her of sleeping with the potential new boss and then stuffs her mouth with the panties she claims she had worn the day before and wraps her head with duct tape very tightly. The woman starts to choke on the panties and JJ lets her wriggle around for a bit before putting her on her stomach and adding a hogtie, last but not least she adds a few layers of electrical tape and decides why not take the womans handbag, high heels and laptop on the way out. The crazed woman leaves the office to go and get her dream job…What will happen next? The police will surely catch on and then what…

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