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Come and see myself, Sasori, Minuit, Bettine (from this clip) and many of your longgggg time favorite bondage models and riggers at Boundcon in Munich Germany 5/24/2019 – 5/26/2019, plus the most incredible display of bondage gear and fetishwear for sale that I have ever seen under one roof! This is the BEST event and I am sooo happy to be attending the May event after a few year hiatus!  I will be there all day every day and in the hotel bar doing bondage at night I’m suuuuuure. Hugs come free, me tying you up at a price 😉


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strappado & hogtie over 35 minutes

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suspension over 25 minutes

Imagine my surprise when I walk into this room full of esteemed bondage folks and I was of the mindset that I would be the one tying one of these lovely ladies. My bad I didn’t read the schedule well enough! Sometimes ignorance IS bliss because I would have been very nervous walking into this situation knowing what kind of a rigger Sasori is! I have not been put in many extreme ties in years and years and I haven’t been touched by many strangers and my anxiety is not great. First many thanks to Bondage from overseas for recording this for me over to the side and out of the way of the people that were paying to take their own photos and videos and many thanks to the event coordinator for allowing me to post this here. The video focuses on me mostly and not the other lovely model Bettine. First I am put into a strict strappado with my mouth stuffed and head pulled back and then I am placed on top of a box. I HATE being tied on top of things and my breathing was labored due to where the thing was hitting me on the chest but I refrained from panicking, yay for me! When that came to an end I was already a bumbling idiot. Bondage is a real thing to me and it changes me headspace. It makes me high, which is why I was truly never a good damsel or model I just enjoy being tied up. So I thought it was time for a little after bondage nap after those ties but NOPE, more time left in this fan photo shoot so they get to work tying me up again in a strict chicken wing with a suspension which was truly just breaking my back ankle of all things… So now we are all done and I’m a bumbling idiot and need to pull myself together to somehow get back into top mode.

No cuts, filming straight through

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run time 25 minutes

Boundcon Feringapark Munich Germany earlier this month, people were having some drinks once the showroom floor closed.  I ran into Delona one of my favorite people to be tied up with and she tied me up for fun. Bondage from Overseas was kind enough to record it for me so I could post it here. There is loud background music and chatter and no edits. This was emotional for me because of where I am in life, I cried, I laughed. The whip she was hitting me with didn’t seem like much at all but it hurt and my thighs were bruised up for a longgg time.

Server transfer seems to have been a success but I could not send or receive emails from the night of the 8th until tonight the 11th. I was told that once the email was working correctly all of the messages that were sent during that time would show up, but that was an untruth. I sent many tests from my other account and my webmaster sent tests as well and nothing showed up.

Anyway good news is that it seems to be working now but if you sent a message during that time please resend it. If you sent a message before then and haven’t heard from me please be patient…

My husband/webmaster/camera man moved in with his family 350 miles from here and has no intention of returning back to me. I’ve been beside myself trying to prevent that from happening since late last year. Most of my energy was spent coping with all that emotionally which spilled over to my physical world, hence unreliable updates etc. Please no worries he will continue to run fetish sites and his own cuff site and to be my webmaster. Plus we just changed servers, which I already mentioned so some of you in exotic locations should be getting your content faster than before. It was apparently a very wise switch but if you experience glitches please email support at

Thursday (tomorrow) expect an hour long cuff update that is exporting now and another one, not sure what yet.

Also if you are interested in customs I am shooting

Mizz Amanda Marie this Saturday

Rachel very soon

Adara Jordin the week of the 25th

Dakkota the 29th

Freshie Juice around the 31st

Je C very soon

Dominica when there are custom requests for her

Simone very soon

Illustrious Rogue aka Rose very soon

*I’m not interested in using two (other) models at one time right now though. I’m frazzled and people are unreliable  and I just don’t have it in me to deal with that right now… but I will have a camera person.

Also I’ll be a guest at the smaller Boundcon in November in Munich!! I am very, very excited as I haven’t been able to attend events in a while! I’ll be handing out free hugs or free spankings (for you, not me) so please come on out. Also I will be doing domme sessions in the hotel room….

I still have the bank building for now but it is painfully hot and the idea of sessioning in there right now makes me ill. The last thing I want is a client or submissive heat stroking out on me.


Fighting the good fight for a brighter future, JJ



1st update of the week

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run time 45 minutes

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liplock gag only

About this time last year I was at Boundcon in Vienna Austria. Fans there can sign up and take photos at scheduled times with bondage personalities. The videos always appear on which is run by the event organizer who is kind enough to let us video to put on my site. I just always make sure I wait a long time to use the video, so here we have it. I get to work tying Yvette up tightly and then Lew Rubens comes in and takes over tying me up! He puts us in a lip locker gag which is terribly uncomfortable and I try to grope her. Then he unties her arms since they had been like that for some time and ties her behind me, necks tied together. He lifts up my foot- leaving me standing on my left which is not my dominant side. It is also the last day of an event that meant I was in heels for 12 hours a day so I was already hurting. I wobble around pulling our necks. Then he lets us sit (yay) my elbows still tied and he ties rope into my mouth, as Yvette moves I’m pulled every which way and choked a bit which I happen to like…Then we do our best to escape, some of it shown.

3rd update of the week

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run time 13

Standing at our little booth momentarily (just over a minute) Tony puts the ballgag in and off we go on a walk around Boundcon Vienna in October 2015. My elbows are tied and chicken winged, I have my biggest ballgag in, I’m tightly corseted wearing a sheer blouse, tight leggings and open toed heels. I make a stop at the McHurt booth (favorite bondage things of mine that I hope to be selling in the USA soon). I get some ballgag kisses from Afsana & Reja Mae. I walk around in the bondage area and out into the main area. I say hello to Fayth on Fire- check out some hot young girls ahead of me and head to the VIP bar area. My friend Graham is kind enough to order me a drink from the Yvette Cousteau! She takes the gag off so I can have a few sips. She touches my boobs a bit. I’m regagged and wander back out in the area that was for the Erotic Fair, down some steps. There are more vanilla type porn fan folks over there. Tony keeps on filming me. I’m not stopped too much, this seems pretty normal to many people there. We chose an earlier in the day time to do this so there wouldn’t be so many people surrounding us that we couldn’t get good shots of me walking. I keep wandering in the big open convention area. Delona (German rigger) puts her face in my breasts. I head back to our booth and Fayth grabs one of my borntobebound mugs for me to drool into, lol… We stop it there. I really loved this convention hall and getting tied up so much 🙂


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run time 5 minutes

There are no cuts in this clip/ it is not edited. I was in the pool which was closed down aside for VIPs at Boundcon Austria in October. I was already tied up by Delona when Tony grabbed the video camera. I was floating on my back and kicking my feet with my boobs out of the water. I float well, go figure. It was late and they were closing the pool down so we didn’t have much time left. My boobs are tied already and my arms are tied, elbows almost together in a chicken wing. I bounce around in the shallow water, Delona picks me up. My top had been pulled down so my boobs could be tied and I’m wearing a black skirt with stay up black seamed thigh highs in the pool. Yup…gotta love fetish parties! When I went down to the pool area I hadn’t intended on going in but Delona offering to tie me up motivated me!  Although I didn’t pull the best video stills you can see the stocking feet kicking out of the water at times. It also shows me coming untied by her. It was late, we were being tossed out of the pool area.

This is a bonus clip, you will get your additional clips this week but for those of you that like candid clips or behind the scenes stuff at events here you go.

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run time 20 minutes and 40 seconds

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run time 10 minutes

At Boundcon I saw Paulli walking around a few times with his slave Elecktra VanZunlt. She was always beautifully bound, which made me envious. Then Paulli flatters me and says he loves my bondage and that I can take a huge ballgag. I don’t know, this kind of flattery always overwhelms me- especially coming from people that are better riggers than I am! I asked Paulli if he would be kind enough to tie me up the following day and he said yes! He also reserved one of the stages for a suspension and told me Tony could tape it for me. This made me so happy.  Stages are not my favorite but it is easier being tied on stage than doing the tying and it has gotten a little easier over the years because of Boundcon but my heart still races and it is hard to speak clearly. I was slightly worried because I hadn’t been suspended in well over a year! Elecktra took photos that I’ll post here soon. So off he goes tying me up on the stage, chicken wing tie and a suspension and my giant red ballgag. He makes a few adjustments to the position and lets me down. It was fun and his first time tying me! I think it went well. I know it is nerve racking tying a new person tightly, and on a stage and after a couple long convention days! I loved it. They wanted me to tie Elecktra but with all of the ties I had been in that weekend, my head was not in the right place. Next time!