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1st update of the week

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run time 45 minutes

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liplock gag only

About this time last year I was at Boundcon in Vienna Austria. Fans there can sign up and take photos at scheduled times with bondage personalities. The videos always appear on which is run by the event organizer who is kind enough to let us video to put on my site. I just always make sure I wait a long time to use the video, so here we have it. I get to work tying Yvette up tightly and then Lew Rubens comes in and takes over tying me up! He puts us in a lip locker gag which is terribly uncomfortable and I try to grope her. Then he unties her arms since they had been like that for some time and ties her behind me, necks tied together. He lifts up my foot- leaving me standing on my left which is not my dominant side. It is also the last day of an event that meant I was in heels for 12 hours a day so I was already hurting. I wobble around pulling our necks. Then he lets us sit (yay) my elbows still tied and he ties rope into my mouth, as Yvette moves I’m pulled every which way and choked a bit which I happen to like…Then we do our best to escape, some of it shown.

1st update of the week

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run time over 7 minutes

Ever wondered what these adult events are like inside? Well here you can watch Yvette from and Lillian Cain get tied up on the stage during the early hours at the Venus Fair in Berlin last October by myself and Andreas from (and the man that runs Boundcon Munich).  Yvette has a bullet vibrator in and I am handed the remote! They are crotch roped and walk around passing out flyers for Boundcon Munich.


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run time over 14 minutes

Yvette Costeau from looking sexy as ever is leash led and put into a balltie in the hot Spanish sun…


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run time 23 minutes

Tony ties my elbows up, then Yvettes elbows. My boobs have already been tied up,but he adds nipple clamps which are very painful with the boobs tied up so tightly. It is hard to get enough skin on the boob to make them stay on for very long without popping off so we move on…Yvette is nipple clamped and we are led on leashes in heels around the estate. He’s walking quickly so we are forced to trot in heels and rope, me with a 3 inch ballgag in my mouth and Yvette with a ballgag as well. After our walk our gags are changed, stuffing and vetwrap and then we are hogtied on the cement and struggle in the hot Spanish sun.

My girdle and her garter belt are available from


Yvette Costeau and Fayth on Fire, story idea by Vesta

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run time 26 minutes and 20 seconds

Fayth has been hired to entertain some fellas at a big mansion. She usually has a woman book her but she wanted some side business. She finds herself in big trouble when the woman that hired her happens to be an undercover cop. She is handcuffed to the bars on the vacation villa but she manages to sneak a call to her boss JJ. JJ is livid…She shows up and overpowers the pretty cop who was doing this on her own and didn’t have backup. JJ knocks her out and ties her to a chair. When she comes to  JJ cuts off her  yellow panties and shoves them in the cops mouth. Then she wraps tape around her head and ties up her hair.  She isn’t done with Fayth though. She ties her up and a little fight ensues.  The bondage is messy but tight and effective. Fayth even gets her hands taped up with duct tape and she is hogtied after JJ takes off her panties and shoves them in her mouth.  JJ can’t stand Fayth and the trouble she is always getting in. JJ risked going to jail heading to the villa to rescue Fayth, but it isn’t a rescue. She makes a call to a friend that comes to get her…There won’t be any trouble from Fayth anymore. She is going to be sold off.


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run time 26 minutes

Two hot chicks- Yvette Costeau and Carissa Montgomery are walking down the street in tiny dresses. They see a car approach and start flashing their goods. The couple pulls over. The girls ask them if they want to have a good time….The couple agrees and lets them in the car. They down the road to a posh home with a gated entry. The party girls think they have struck gold. When they get out of the car they aren’t so lucky though, they are handcuffed and felt up and then leg irons are used connecting them together. They walk into the backyard of the estate connected together. They see in the distance a filing crew and a girl all tied up in a horrible position. They are terrified. The couple goes to work tying them up. Their panties are cut off and the brunette gets her own panties shoved in her mouth and then the blonds thongs are used as a cleave to keep them in. The blond gets a ballgag with a leash on it. They get their elbows tied close and then are led across the patio where they get manhandled and hogtied. The brunette gets vewtwrap wrapped over her gag to be sure that those panties stay in place. These two hookers will soon have a new home in some far off country….

*Yvettes people were there also filming this video and appear from time to time. Had I cut them out we would have missed a lot of the good parts of the video.  This is not how I like to film clips, but I had no choice in the matter. Sorry for that.  ~JJ


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run time 18 minutes

Yvette Costeau  is such a sexy girl and I’ve been wanting to do this to someone for a while…She gets taped up, she gets a harness gag with leash and goes for a walk on her elbows and knees.  At the end I tape her legs together and pull her head back a bit.  You can see more of her at


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run time 19 minutes and 30 seconds

Yvette Costeau comes slinking up the steps outside of the beach steps in a tiny mini dress trying to get in. The first way in doesn’t work out so she wanders around the otherside of the house and uses a tool to break the lock. Down on her hands and knees she he starts rifling through the media cabinet but the home owner hears her and sneaks up on her overpowering the woman who didn’t expect anyone to be home. The homeowner removes the girls mask, revealing the beautiful face to match the beautiful body. She removes the girls underwear. She puts her hand over her mouth and runs her hands along the girls pretty tanned skinned. She rolls her over and begins tying up her arms. When she wakes up and starts to yell at the homeowner it is discovered that she is foreign. The panties are stuffed in her mouth, a cleave gag over them and then duct tape over that and around her head. Then the woman continues to tie her up. She gets a brutal crotch rope and hogtied and then the homeowner decides to remove the girls high heels and keep them for herself. She manhandles the girl for a while and then leaves her there.

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German fetish superstar Yvette is dressed in a latex, girdle, fully fashioned stockings and boots as I start to tie her up. She gets a chest harness, elbows together, writs tied off to her sides, crotch rope on her bare crotch. She gets a ballgag with chin strap and nipple clamps which I use to attach a leash to and lead her through the big vacation house, even outdoors and then back up some steps into the house. She gets seated in a chair and some clothes pins aded to her nipples, then her legs tied off to the sides of the chair, a rope across the thighs used mostly to pull her nipple clamps down. She keeps putting her head down, so I attach a rope to the back of her gag and pull her head back so we can see her pretty little face a bit more. Yvette is a very good bondage model, like a lot of German models pretty stoic. She drools A LOT which she doesn’t like. She also doesn’t like gags very much at all…tho she is very tough when it comes to tight ties. So I’m a bit mean and leave that ballgag in her mouth the entire clip…Then I find a big pair of red lace panties and cut a hole in them for the ballgag, and tie them off in back. Then I get some reaction out of her by removing those clothes pins. I tell her I’m going to go make dinner and wait for our house guests, but not before pulling her head back even more and taking a couple iphone pics. I tell her she might be able to untie herself because there are some knots close to her wrists, but her arms are pretty purple and it’s really no use. So she stays there drooling and looking pretty for us for a bit before I come back and tell her I’ll do her a favor and remove the nipple clamps for her.

run time approximately 20 minutes

35 images

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Yvette Costeau is the bondage darling of Germany, and rightfully so! She is such a beautiful woman inside and out and she looks incredible all bound up. I got to visit Germany again at New Years and I got to tie her up a number of times.  I had a lot of fun encasing her and I really enjoyed running the gag through her mouth and around her feet. She is so tough and incredibly stoic but she doesn’t like gags so much, but the sadist in me really enjoys getting a reaction out of her.