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1st update of the week

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run time 45 minutes

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liplock gag only

About this time last year I was at Boundcon in Vienna Austria. Fans there can sign up and take photos at scheduled times with bondage personalities. The videos always appear on which is run by the event organizer who is kind enough to let us video to put on my site. I just always make sure I wait a long time to use the video, so here we have it. I get to work tying Yvette up tightly and then Lew Rubens comes in and takes over tying me up! He puts us in a lip locker gag which is terribly uncomfortable and I try to grope her. Then he unties her arms since they had been like that for some time and ties her behind me, necks tied together. He lifts up my foot- leaving me standing on my left which is not my dominant side. It is also the last day of an event that meant I was in heels for 12 hours a day so I was already hurting. I wobble around pulling our necks. Then he lets us sit (yay) my elbows still tied and he ties rope into my mouth, as Yvette moves I’m pulled every which way and choked a bit which I happen to like…Then we do our best to escape, some of it shown.


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run time 5 minutes

There are no cuts in this clip/ it is not edited. I was in the pool which was closed down aside for VIPs at Boundcon Austria in October. I was already tied up by Delona when Tony grabbed the video camera. I was floating on my back and kicking my feet with my boobs out of the water. I float well, go figure. It was late and they were closing the pool down so we didn’t have much time left. My boobs are tied already and my arms are tied, elbows almost together in a chicken wing. I bounce around in the shallow water, Delona picks me up. My top had been pulled down so my boobs could be tied and I’m wearing a black skirt with stay up black seamed thigh highs in the pool. Yup…gotta love fetish parties! When I went down to the pool area I hadn’t intended on going in but Delona offering to tie me up motivated me!  Although I didn’t pull the best video stills you can see the stocking feet kicking out of the water at times. It also shows me coming untied by her. It was late, we were being tossed out of the pool area.

This is a bonus clip, you will get your additional clips this week but for those of you that like candid clips or behind the scenes stuff at events here you go.