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1st update of the week

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full clip, run time over 27 minutes

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some struggling in both ties only, run time 5 minutes

Anna is a beautiful young woman that is naturally dominant and has a way with men. She figured she could have fun and earn some money being a dominatrix, but she goes about it the wrong way. She sets up a session with a known domme and says her name is Dan- a man and she wants to do a rope session. Of course Anna shows up looking pretty dominant herself. The experienced domme assumes the young woman is Dan’s domme and bringing him over, even though that should have been negotiated ahead of time. Anna tells JJ that she is eager to learn from her but didn’t think she would want to teach unless she met her in person first and saw how eager she was. She claims that is why she lied, just to get in the door. JJ doesn’t like what Anna has to say. She tells Anna that the best way to learn is to suffer herself so that she understands what the client is feeling. Anna isn’t so sure about that logic but goes along with what JJ has to say. She gets tied up and ballgagged and put into a strappado. Then she is nipple clamped and crotch roped. Anna is dealing pretty well, JJ talks about what she is doing and asks her questions she has to respond to over the big red ball in her mouth. Her skirt has been removed. JJ is enjoying making the confident girl feel vulnerable. JJ tells her that she is a natural in bondage and perhaps she should do sub sessions. JJ promises to watch to make sure she isn’t hurt….Anna manages to spit the ball out. She gets a break from a bit. She gets down from the strappado, is led to the wall and groped a bit, then she is put into a chair and tied to it. The ballgag has been put back in. Just for fun one side of the nipple clamps is removed and put back on to get a rise out of her and to remind her who is boss.  She is gagged with a knotted scarf and some tape and left to think about if she wants to study under JJ at all… When JJ returns she puts on the lace jacket the girl wore over, she decides she wants to keep it as payment for the session. Then she puts the girls black leather skirt on her head and leaves.

What you don’t see is that she was crying at the end, but she was OK with that. You might wonder why I do meaner ties to her but not such harsh gags. She had a couple really bad experiences in bondage, and gags scare her most so I’m trying to earn her trust and not scare her away- I think she will ease into real stuffing gags soon enough… Next time she comes I’ll have her try some real self gags.

3rd clip of the week

The beginning of this story was posted here previously and is still available of course!!

This was a custom clip for Simone

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run time 34 minutes

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run time over 13 minutes

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run time over 10 minutes

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run time over 10 minutes

It is almost time for Simone to be sold off to the woman that has purchased her. JJ is ready to say good bye when she has Simone strip from her dress and scarf & pose for some photos in lingerie. Then she is tied spread to a chair with a big redballgag. After some struggling her bra and garter belt are removed and she struggles more. It has occurred to JJ that Simone is worth a lot more than the price she is going to get from this new buyer- so she decides to send some photos off to the gross man that bought Caroline. He had basically destroyed her anyway. While the bidding ware ensues Simone gets some training….After the chair scene she appears chained to the wall by a thick metal chain. She has been blindfolded and she is wearing a bit gag and a tight leather armbinder. She waits patiently to see what will happen. Her blindfold is removed. Nipple clamps are applied and she is detached from the wall and told to keep her posture straight and march in place. Then she has to walk that way leashed, and finally she is told to trott making her boobs bounce and her heels sound like little hooves on the ground. She is attached to the ceiling by the rope leash connected to her metal collar and told to keep trotting while JJ goes to look at how the bidding war is going over itty bitty sexy coed Simone. Next she appears stripped just to her undies. She is gagged with the scarf she was wearing in the beginning and she is gagged with a leather muzzle gag. She changes her nipple clamps, gets to the floor which is now covered in a fuzzy rug and is tied spread eagle- so vulnerable…Eventually a crotch rope is added and tied off above and little Simone must wait to see who she will be sold off to- the lesbian or the old fat guy that already ruined one of his girls- or perhaps even someone else is bidding for this sweet little pony?

Bonus Update


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68 photos

Photos of Polly in and out of bondage. This video clip has already been posted. If you’d like to see it type Polly in the search function on the right hand side of the page.


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run time 16 minutes
It’s been a while since I’ve been in a lot of leather bondage! When the video begins I’m wearing a leather body harness, a leather armbinder, rubber straps and a leather gag. He adds breast bondage with black tape and then  the gag is removed and an enormous pair of pink lace panties put in my mouth, a stocking over my head and tape wrapped around it. My leg straps are removed and ankles restrapped so that I can be put into a hogtie with it. I can’t really move on the soft bed…Then he adds more tape to pull my forehead back to my feet tightening it up a bit more!! I’m not sure what happened but the footage I have on the very last part is super short, which is OK I suppose since I wasn’t really moving and it is a bonus clip 😉


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run time 37 minutes

A pretty young nieve domme shows up at the Corrupt Security Guards workplace wearing  tight leather pants, a sheer black blouse an 5 inch stilettos. When she comes in she opens up her bag and the guard quickly snatches up some heavy cuffs connected with a collar and leg iron. She asks the domme (Rinn) if she can put them on her just for fun, Rinn agrees reluctantly. JJ plays dumb with the metal restraints and slowly locks her in asking a lot of questions. Rinn isn’t much of a domme, just a young cute girl with hot clothes and toys that figured she could make some money dominating people. Once JJ gets her into the restraints she gets a ballgag out. Rinn gets angry and says she’s had enough, but JJ pulls something out that makes her more complacent. She gags Rinn and then adds rope to her metal bondage, those cuffs were way too loose. She pulls her hands to the side keeping them there. JJ leashes her and takes her down the stairs thru the basement and into her own little makeshift cell. Once they get into the cell JJ grabs more of the dommes rope and starts to add more rope to the girl. She asks her a lot of questions to get her talking thru the gag. She adds a chest harness and a rope pulling her elbows a bit closer together so she has less movement. She leans her against the wall and gives her some spankings and makes her count them- in Spanish…She gets a crotch rope and a mouth stuffing gag and lots of electrical tape. Once she has enough rope on Rinn she decides to take her for another walk. She has the so called domme get on her knees. She adds a rope to her leg shackles and attaches it to her back. Then she asks Rinn to yell for help…She attaches one of her chains overhead and then starts to slowly crank Rinn up higher on her knees and adds more rope to the poor girl. She gets more tape on that gag and across her face, moves the crank a bit more and wraps rope around her gag then leaves her there on her knees.


Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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Two intoxicated hookers are in a freight elevator when a man enters. The girls start to harass the guy playfully but he’s not having it…  He knocks them out and carries one of them out over the shoulder and then the scene cuts to them tied up. He pulls the their tits out and then gags the girl with the red dress on with a big red ball as she fights him back. He finally wins and gets the ball in place. He shoves a big purple ball in the girl in blacks mouth and then wraps lots of saran wrap around her face to keep it in place. He grabs her by the nipples and pulls her across the room in the rolling chair with them. Then he takes some coban and wraps the lady in reds head. The two girls get their chairs over closer to each other and the lady in red does her best to try to reach her friend, but she just can’t.

run time 8 minutes and 50 seconds


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Riley is encased in pantyhose, lace bra and pantyhose and struggles on the floor with panties stuffed in her mouth, a leather gag, collar, leather mits, and ankle cuffs. She rolls about on the floor as drink wine and watch her. Once I’ve had enough of that I grab a pair of thigh high leather boots for her to put on. She helps me even with her mitted hands. Then she gets some black tape around her waist and a tight leather armbinder is added. I take off the leather gag and she spits the big satin pair of panties out and gets a red ballgag between her teeth. She starts drooling immediately as I wrap rubber straps around her and then nipple clamp her, attach a leash and take her on a walk down to the basement and attach her to the pole with more rubber straps after removing the ballgag and putting a pair of panties in her mouth and stocking over her head. Then a strap is wrapped around her gag and the pole to keep the panties in place. She struggles while I prepare her bedroom….I remove the straps and the armbinder and she tries to shake the feelings back into her arms while I wrap black tape around her head and the pantygag and then cross her wrists, hoist them up and tape them to her body and walk her into her bedroom for the night. Once on the mattress in the tiny creepy room I hogtape her through her gag which pushes those panties back deep into her throat. I return after a bit and pull her ponytail back too. I figure that should give her some relief from all of that pressure on her gag ;). I tell her I’m going to leave her there for the night…

Bonus footage at the end cutting her out and her reaction. That was her first pantyhose encasement and my first time shooting at the new studio!!


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Ms Renee is led to a leather bench by a leash. She sits and I unleash her and then I start to tie up her arms (on film). Once her arms are tied I nipple clamp her and then put a black harness gag on her and tie up her huge boobs. Then I tie her ankles and thighs, before helping her to her side and removing the breast bondage so I can hogtie her. I put her into a tight hogtie and then I hood her with a spandex hood and regag her with a silver ballgag and grope her a bit before leaving her there to struggle, but something is lacking….I add more rope around her forehead and tie it back to the hogtie. That’s better! Then I leave her there to struggle.


Kellian (from the Hunters Lair) has me on a leash…She is dragging me around the Hunters Lair with my elbows tied and my ankles tethered. I’m in 6 inch strappy stilletos and it’s hard to walk. I beg her to let me take them off…she doesn’t. She just walks faster. She hits me with the crop she has me kneel over her lap and she pulls my skirt up and gives me an OTK spanking. I address her with yes mam and yes mistress. She then removes her PANTIES on screen and gags me with them, using clear tape and wrapping it around my head. Then she gives me kisses over the gag. She makes me stand and then she leashes me to the post at my collar. Then she runs her hands all over my body and ropes up my wrists to complete the look. She then tells me to dance while I’m attached to the pole. She tells me to turn her on…she offers me a dollar for my efforts, she tells me to act like I want to do her. She calls me pathetic. She hits me with the crop some more. She talks dirty to me, she gives me another kiss through the gag and she leaves me there alone and I try to release myself, but it doesn’t work.
run time about 10 minutes

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I decide to put LT in pantyhose (Ashley Graham these days), a pair for her lower body and a pair I make into a shirt. She’s also wearing a leather body harness when the clip begins. I gag her first. I like young girls gagged…I use a big leather gag that goes with the rest of her outfit. I put an arm binder on her that was a gift from Jim Hunter but I believe I put it on upside down now that I ‘m looking at the video, lol! Then I put a collar around her neck. She’s already wearing 6 inch leather heels and coordinating leather cuffs. She writhes around in the chair looking cute- twitching and drooling all over herself… This is wear part 1 ends. Next I remove the arm binder…I put black electrical tape around her elbows and wrists, then her ankles, knees and thighs. Then I regag her with an entire shop rag, which she accepts with no problem and I wrap electrical tape around her head. She struggles in the chair for a bit before I wrap more tape around her midsection and above her boobs cynching her arms to her body. Next I cut her boobs out of the stocking shirt and wrap more tape around them and then I put clothes pins on her big natural boobs. She struggles in the chair some more and then I pull off her clothespins and lift her off the chair over the threshold style…Wow, she is incredibly light! Next she gets a stocking cap to complete the outfit, but I pull her ponytail out…I roll her over and then begin to hogtape her. I do my best to give her a really nice arch, even tho that tape is stretchy…I’ve seen what her little body is capable of on other sites. I allow her to struggle for a while but then I return with a bit more tape and wrap it around her ponytail. I pull the ponytail back to her arms, so she is fairly immobile right now and it looks really hot 🙂

run time 21 minutes
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