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This was a custom, interested?

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run time 22 minutes

A business lady decides to make her man a little teaser gag video on her break….she also includes the soles of her size 6 feet in sheer gray pantyhose that have been in her Louboutins all day long an are in need of a good rub down. She can’t wait to get home to him for some gags that she can’t remove, that foot rub and some real bondage.



Many thanks to I Love Rope Bondage/Frank for organizing this shoot for me. Many of you know my husband and I are separating and there is a lot of very, very bad (for me) that goes along with it.  Plus such generosity from everyone that drove to the middle of nowhere and donated their precious time to me on their day off on that buggy muggy day. I am so grateful!!  I’ll be sending copies of the clip to everyone involved tomorrow.

Frank, Je C, T, Dakkota, Adara, Cinched and Secured (who filmed this clip) and Fenrex who donated the space for us

and yes the ladies were really going for a drive in the trunk and using a phone to film themselves

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full clip, run time 33 minutes and 45 seconds

A car backs into a long driveway and two men emerge. They are transporting 3 bound and gagged women in the trunk (Je C, Dakkota & Adara Jordin). One of them has her phone on and she is making a video of them all yelling for help. The men pop the trunk and a woman appears to peer in, she plucks the phone from blonde making sure she hasn’t placed any calls or texts.  Then one by one all 3 women are pulled out of the trunk and placed into a wagon for further humiliation and then taken to the garage. The crew decides to take the women to the sweltering attic stuffed full with bdsm torture devices. The scene opens with all of the woman caged, of the the female captor ties a piece of each of their hair to the top of the cage just to make them all even more uncomfortable. They are pulled out and all tied standing and hunched over, two of them nipple clamped and miserable. The three still have a lot of fight in them up their in the 105F room so the bad guys decide to get them hogtied on the floor. Each of them get their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped, blondie that was caught with the phone gets her panties cut off and her shaved puss is exposed, sweaty panties stuffed into her mouth stuffed. Her tan bare skin glistening in the heat while the other two endure the hellish heat hogtied in their pantyhose. The crew takes off for a break, but what will happen to the helpless women??


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full clip, run time 32 minutes

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jail part, run time 4 minutes

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gag scenes, book balancing, spanking, hogtie- run time 8 minutes


Constance paces around in cuffs and leg irons in jail for a bit and then her parole officer is at it again, checking Constance out of jail in her flip flops and baggy dress and taking her home to dollify her a bit for her own viewing pleasure. She puts on fully fashioned stockings, a garter belt, long line bra with crinoline attached bolero jacket and high heels. She has to put a pair of panties and a sock in her mouth and then clear tape is wrapped around her head. She gets all tied up and is forced to balance a book on her head. She has to get to the floor and then after putting on a struggling show and getting some spankings she is put into a very snug hogtie. At this point layers of tight microfoam tape have been added to her gag and now she gets layers of electrical tape. The gag makes the bondage seem sooooo easy. Eventually the parole officer comes in and removes her gag and leaves her there tied up to learn a lesson. Constance promises to never be in trouble again.

1st update of the week

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full clip 32 minutes

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gagging and hogtie only 13 minutes

Steve Villa said he didn’t really know how to do a boxtie with quick release hands and why would he. He is a DID guy but I decided I wanted to do something different and have Tony show him the basics of it. So that is what happens. Tony ties me up while Steve ties up Adara and explains the basics of how to do a boxtie. Adara and I get crotch ropes. I’m not so sure how much Steve will remember because he was kind of obsessed over Adara’s ass in those pink panties and pantyhose. Once we are tightly boxtied Steve demonstrates how to gag us. I get two pairs of panties and a tape cleave and Adara gets one pair and micofoam tape. Then we get on the ground. We are hogtied and struggle. Occasionally the push us over or make a comment….Steve said it was the most fun he ever had just making a clip and I got to enjoy being in ropes without acting scared and oh yes it was tight, Adara’s arms were definitely asleep.

1st update of the week continued with this clip-

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run time 17 minutes

When this clip starts my arms are tied tightly behind my back and my waist is secured to the pole. It was shot in 2009 by Eric Cain. My legs are free to move around. I struggle for a bit and then he comes up to my and gags me (up close shot) with a reg ballgag. Then he ties my neck back to the pole which prevents me from moving anywhere near as much and then he swats my ass a few times and feels me up before cutting open my shirt and tieing my boobs up on screen. I try to make eye contact with him and plead with my eyes while he ties my boobs up thinking that will prevent him from tieing them so tightly, but it doesn’t work. Once they are tied up, he grabs them a few times. He takes the crotch rope and ties it off to that terrible over head pulley and yanks me up. I’m balancing on my tippy toes. When I move forward I choke myself because of the neck tie and when I move backward I pull that rope tighter in my crotch. At this point I’ve totally forgotten that my elbows are firmly welded behind my back and all I can concentrate on is that rope in my crotch with nothing but those thin cotton shorts protecting me. Then the crotch rope is removed and Eric takes the ballgag out of my mouth, but he quickly shoves in a pair of giant green satin panties which make me gag a few times because they have a peculiar taste. Then he wraps my pretty white scarf around my head numerous times, apparently he thinks I’ll be able to spit it out so he wraps black electrical tape around my head, over and over again and then has the nerve to ask if I can spit it out. I just fire him a nasty look. He unties me from the pole and adjusts the ropes so he can put me into a strappado. He hooks me up to that nasty pulley again and pulls up. Honestly I’m beat at this time. My arms are entirely purple. He ties a rope around my neck and around my ankles and then ties my ankles off to the bracket on the floor. I can’t move much at all. Then he swats my ass a few times. I moan and try to move around a bit.

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run time 14 minutes

JJ and Elane have had enough of Amanda’s  stealing little things here and there and then she stole JJ’s money. They set Amanda up and JJ has her all tied up, real tight. Together the women shove a big pink squishy gag in her mouth and strap it in tightly. That’s not good enough so they take that off and put a huge hard red ball gag in her mouth and you can tell the girl HATES it. The women take that gag out and stuff her mouth with cloth and wrap a special wrap around her head. That keeps her quiet but when the women took that gag off, the girl said some things Elane and JJ aren’t going to put up with and they gag Amanda REAL GOOD. JJ stuffs half of her mouth shoving the handkerchief deep in her cheek, Elane does the other cheek with another huge handkerchief. JJ holds it in while Elane cleave gags her. Then they wrap micro foam tape over that and then wrap electrical tape over that. She’s going to be sorry she EVER crossed them.

Last update of the week

This was a very unique custom video!!

Elane Hershey LOVES bondage truly and she hadn’t been tied up for a year and a half until this happened!! She did such a great job with that gag and that hogtie, and the final part with their heads taped down like that while gagged wasn’t exactly easy either.

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Run time 45 minutes

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20 minutes

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2o minutes

Elane Hershey comes home from work and is met by her very angry landlord. She is escorted upstairs and tied up at gunpoint. A pair of panties and a hanky are stuffed into her big mouth. Her blouse is opened and her big boobs fondled. She is tied up and hogtied. Her roommate Amanda Marie comes in and the same thing happens to her. The landlord leaves them struggling to prep the space for another adventure in the attic. The two are untied at the ankles and escorted up the stairs. Microfoam is added to their already tight gags. Elane is tied spread to the bed and then Amanda placed between her legs. They are attached to the bed with rope and tape. Amanda’s head is stuffed firmly between Elane’s epic boobs. The women are hot, uncomfortable and having a hard time breathing…The angry landlord could care less and enjoys seeing the pair suffer.

1st update of the week

This was a custom video for Riley & Ariyana featuring their lovely bare feet & casual clothes.

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run time 21 minutes

Two girls are sitting on the couch when two bounty hunters come in looking for their roommate Steve. The girls insist that Steve is not there but the duo have heard otherwise. They get the girls tied up so they can take a look around the house. When they don’t find the guy they untie their legs and take them through the house leashed. Ultimately they get frustrated and leave the two girls tightly hogtied, toetied and very well gagged on the 3rd level of their home.