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New model in blue and her name is Princess and she is local and available for more

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run time 35 minutes and 33 seconds

A woman and her helper have 3 beautiful girls Jayda Blayze, Je C and (brand new bondage model Princess )in the attic. They are kept in bondage, two of them cuffed in a cage and one of them cuffed to a cross. After a while their captor comes in and gets the one off of the cross and begins tying her to a chair. Then one is let out of the cage and told to crawl around to the front of the chair where she is cuffed to it while sitting on the floor. Finally the last one comes out of the cage as well. All three  pretties are tied to the chairs with their elbows bound and nice size ballgags in their mouths. Two of them get nipple clamps. Their mouths are stuffed with colorful hankies and lips sealed shut with tight black vinyl tape. Their legs have been tied spread to the chairs even with their leg irons on. Finally they are left alone and the one seated in the middle does her absolute best to get free, trying to wrangle a pair of scissors with her feet. For now the ladies are still stuck. What do these people have in mind for them?



Many thanks to I Love Rope Bondage/Frank for organizing this shoot for me. Many of you know my husband and I are separating and there is a lot of very, very bad (for me) that goes along with it.  Plus such generosity from everyone that drove to the middle of nowhere and donated their precious time to me on their day off on that buggy muggy day. I am so grateful!!  I’ll be sending copies of the clip to everyone involved tomorrow.

Frank, Je C, T, Dakkota, Adara, Cinched and Secured (who filmed this clip) and Fenrex who donated the space for us

and yes the ladies were really going for a drive in the trunk and using a phone to film themselves

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

full clip, run time 33 minutes and 45 seconds

A car backs into a long driveway and two men emerge. They are transporting 3 bound and gagged women in the trunk (Je C, Dakkota & Adara Jordin). One of them has her phone on and she is making a video of them all yelling for help. The men pop the trunk and a woman appears to peer in, she plucks the phone from blonde making sure she hasn’t placed any calls or texts.  Then one by one all 3 women are pulled out of the trunk and placed into a wagon for further humiliation and then taken to the garage. The crew decides to take the women to the sweltering attic stuffed full with bdsm torture devices. The scene opens with all of the woman caged, of the the female captor ties a piece of each of their hair to the top of the cage just to make them all even more uncomfortable. They are pulled out and all tied standing and hunched over, two of them nipple clamped and miserable. The three still have a lot of fight in them up their in the 105F room so the bad guys decide to get them hogtied on the floor. Each of them get their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped, blondie that was caught with the phone gets her panties cut off and her shaved puss is exposed, sweaty panties stuffed into her mouth stuffed. Her tan bare skin glistening in the heat while the other two endure the hellish heat hogtied in their pantyhose. The crew takes off for a break, but what will happen to the helpless women??