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2nd update of the week

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run time over 30 minutes

Rachel gets into a strappado in her tight jeans, sweater and boots. Then a boot is removed and one of her white socks is shoved into her mouth with lots of tape wrapped around it. Things get worse when her sweater is cut for clover clamps on her nipples and her arms are pulled closer together.  She gets crotch roped, her other sock is used over the tape. I put on her sexy boots and but my shiny Nikes on her halfway, she kicks them off and gets put into a very snug hogtie while still in those nipple clamps.

2nd update of the week

See how thoughtful I can be guys? I knew some of you could care less about sweater bondage so I gave you an extra 20 minutes of rope bondage IN THE SAME UPDATE. I coulda made them separate updates so I’d have less clips to shoot, but I didn’t…Happy New Year, lol.

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44 minutes

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20 minutes

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20 minutes


JJ has always loved her friends pink fluffy sweater and skirt set. She tops it off wearing pink pantyhose! While wearing a cable knit sweater dress herself JJ  decides to tie her tall beautiful friend up using a variety of old sweaters– not pieces of sweaters but entire sweaters! They aren’t sure how effective this form of bondage will be but they give it a try. It turns out Sass gets pretty well bound. She can’t escape, she even has a crotch rope. She gets an enormous red ballgag in her mouth and stands tall for us in all those sweaters turning around a bit and then slinking down to the couch and finally the floor. JJ has another idea and zips her friend up into a nylon sack while she is already bound in sweaters and ballgagged. She writhes around on the floor but it is not enough. JJ wants to add more sweaters to her! She gets a giant angora sweater on her face and pulled over her head, she gets a pink angora sweater around her legs and a sweater dress around the middle of her. She can’t see and she is really layered up in sweater bondage. All is well, the two ladies are enjoying the experience when a man comes in the door. JJ has never seen him. She removes some sweaters and the sack from Sass. It turns out they had gone on a couple dates but he was a weirdo so she had blocked his number. He was stalking her. He wanted to hang out…so he punishes her friend by tying her up at the elbows, the wrists, the knees. Sass tries to free herself from the rest of the sweaters but he ties her up with rope too. He stuffs both their mouths and cleave gags them with blue vetwrap. He enjoy the view for a bit before hogtying them, pulling JJ’s massive boobs out and adding layers of tight microfoam to their faces. Their eyes look stretched and they are now totally helpless. What will happen to them next?

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