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run time 18 minutes and 23 seconds

Red Diamond empties out a laundry basket full of sweaters and then throws herself on the bed and writhes around in them. Her full bush and pantyhose clad legs on display. After a few minutes JJ comes in and puts an enormous ballgag in her mouth and cuffs both of their ankle up. Red puts a big blue ballgag into JJs mouth too. Then she is cuffed up and eventually sits in the chair with arms over the back attached to her ankles so she can’t stand up. Her huge ballgag is changed to a big silky scarf, vetwrap and then duct tape. She struggles in the chair before her friend covers her head with the big turtleneck on the sweater and then leaves her there.


2nd update of the week

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run time 55 minutes

Amanda was working at a bar and it flooded. The owner never made the repairs but Amanda was sure the bar would still be stocked so she thought she would grab a few bottles to party with her friends. The owner was there. She had decided thatshe would become a dominatrix to make the kind of money she needed to restore the property. When she caught Amanda she told her she wouldn’t call the cops if she could practice tying her up. Amanda reluctantly agrees. She is tied up, gagged, groped, spanked, and scratched. Nipple clamps are used as a pussy chain. Her full bush coming out of her tiny panties. Then the clamps are used on her. She has been ballgagged and then tape added to that. She is forced to walk on a leash being pulled by those clamps. Her gag is changed out and her chest is pulled down to her waist on the couch. She can’t get comfortable though. The woman isn’t done with her though pink panties are added over the cleave and clear tape over that. Her toes are tied and pulled into the hogtie. Her old boss gets curious about the nipple clamps and puts them on herself, ties Amanda’s heels on and leaves her there all tied up and helpless.