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run time over 33 minutes

Naturally busty curvy cutie Riley Jane is ballgagged and gets herself tied up and gagged with a hanky and microfoam and enjoys herself a bit before I come in and add a bunch more bondage to her body in a chair, making her wander over to the chair from her side of the bed. I take her gag out and put another one in and wrap her head with clear tape. Her boobs are tied up with a sash from her dress and of course moisturized with some lotion and clothes pins are added to her nipples. She gets vetwrap added to her gag and then more wrap over that. She struggles for us doe eyed and shaking those big natural boobs and kicks her heels off.

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run time 34 minutes

Tall and busty Riley Jane won’t tell JJ what she needs to know so she decides to persuade her with cruel ropes and gags! Riley gets her mouth stuffed with her scarf, her massive natural boobs tied up and she is tethered to a chair for a while but she still won’t talk. Next more tape goes around her gag, some struggling on the ground and then a hogtie while laying on those bound up boobs that now have tape around them too!! She still isn’t ready to talk but her gag is removed just in case….but the soaked scarf goes back in, vetwrap as a cleave and electrical tape over that to hold it in while the busty woman gets tied into a ball with nipple clamps hanging on my a thread of skin….

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 52 minutes

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metal bondage  6 minutes

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after her breasts are bound until the end, including a regagging


Riley, a one time rave kid now grown up wants to cash in on the lifestyle. She finds a crummy old building to buy and plans to make it an afterhours bar….but another woman is already throwing parties there without owning the place, cashing in tax free. She intends to scare the young lady away for good….She hears Riley on the phone talking about the buy and pulls a gun on her. She decides to adhere her to the post with saran wrap, cuffs on her ankles and cuffs on her back. Then she puts a huge red ballgag in her mouth. She has a change of heart and decides to cut her off the post. (The reality is Riley suddenly had huge anxiety about a mummification standing, so immediate change of plans). She hogcuffs her on the floor and then returns with rope. She attaches the leg shackles to the chair so Riley can’t get up. She cuts open her pantyhose and pulls her panties up her crotch. Oh this grown ass woman has her pussy hair dyed a pinkish red color! Riley gets her massive big natural boobs tied up and gets nipple clamped. Her arms are tied while still wearing the cuffs and her legs are frog tied. She is put on the floor and that huge gag is removed and panties shoved in her mouth, tape around her pretty little head. Then she is simply hogtied for a while, but it seems like more rope is needed so more rope is added. Oh she is a poor helpless thing now….


These are just ehhhh in my opinion, but I know some of you still really enjoy images. IF you like what you see of course you can go back a page or two or three and watch these clips.

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145 images total

Photos of JJ Plush, Amanda Marie, Dakkota, Freshie Juice/ Sonya, Riley Jane, Sarah Brooke & Simone

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riley talking a lot while gagged at the end of the clip coming soon- bonus footage.

run time 25 minutes

Riley Jane, a former bondage loving brat is back. This time she is caught snooping at my studio. She doesn’t understand why I’ve been getting so many more domme sessions than her. She wants to know if I’m doing anything illegal, however she is caught doing something illegal trespassing at my place so I decide to have some good old fun with her! Domme Riley is truly a brat and I just remind her of that with a chair tie over a bit of conversation before I make her gag herself with a great big ballgag. Her big natural boobs are bound up tightly, she gets a few challenging gags and a stocking cap.


This clip was Milf Gigis idea and produced for her clipstore. If you like this kind of content you should check it out-77409

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run time 30 minutes

Gigi is Riley Janes sexually adventurous aunt. Riley is having some longings and Gigi wants to chat with her about it. She tells her niece that being bisexual is normal and that a woman can give he a better orgasm than a man and that incest is ok….She wants to give Riley some memorable experiences even though Rileys mother had warned her about her crazy aunt. Riley has a bondage fantasy and Gigi calls in her friend JJ to help with it.  She ties up Rileys huge natural boobs and her long legs and arms. Then auntie stuffs her mouth with a hanky and since there is plenty of space left  for another one. Then she wraps the girls mouth with duct tape. She is crotch roped and JJ adds another layer of tape. The poor girl is then hogtied laying on her bound boobs and her arms are killing her because her elbows are pulled to closely for her frame. She struggles on the floor completely helpless as her auntie lays back on the sofa and rests her legs on her. At the end of the clip her gag comes off and she is upset with her aunt that left her bound up. Gigi replies that if she would have just licked her pussy she would have been let go of earlier. Then she tells her that her mom said she could stay another night with her…..


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run time over 17 minutes

Riley is bored at her waitressing job when a woman comes in with a gym bag and goes behind the bar. Riley makes some snide remarks and the woman pulls out a bundle of rope and begins to tie her up. Riley doesn’t protest. She thinks friends are playing a prank on her. When her mouth is stuffed with the bar rag and thick tape is used around her head to keep her quiet she begins to realize that it isn’t a prank. Suddenly a man comes into the bar and wants a shot of tequila. JJ seems nervous and tries to keep Riley quiet behind the bar but he sees her. He figures out something fishy is happening, goes behind the bar and tells the woman with the rope that he has a gun and to stand still. She abides and he ties her wrists and elbows very tightly. He grabs a lime and stuffs her mouth and then hogties her next to the bartender who he has put into a balltie. He takes off with a bunch of bottles and booze and leaves the two women behind the bar.


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Riley Jane is a pornstar that stole a bunch of cash from the register at the bar in the studio that  the Corrupt Security Guard works. Naturally she is told she can stay and play for a bit or deal with the cops. When the video begins Riley is in a holding cell with her wrists cuffed behind the back, a chain around her waist and through her crotch, a ballgag and handcuffs on her ankles. The new guard arrives and starts to have fun with the girl. Handcuffing her natural boobs and tying up her arms with lots of rope. The small ball is changed out for one that is almost 3 inches and you can see that her mouth is hurting. Her boobs have been nipple clamped and pulled up. She is walked outside the cell to a post and told to sit. Her elbows split the pole. A chain is wrapped around her body and the post and a collar added. That gag is taken out and a huge pair of satin panties resembling a pillow case are stuffed in her mouth and her head wrapped with duct tape. a rope is added from her ankles to the post across from her so her feet are elevated. A pair of leg irons has been added to the collar and then added to her ankles. Her pantyhose are ripped open. Her feet are slapped with a crop and stabbed with her high heel, ace bandage is wrapped around her eyes and mouth.  Once she is removed from that position the gag comes off and the ace bandage is used as a cleave. Her ropes are removed (mostly off screen) and her wrists are handcuffed behind the post. Her legs are brought up over her head and cuffed back there. Her toes are tied together with rope and she is spanked and played with. A chain is wrapped around her legs giving her much less room to move around.


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run time over 9 minutes

Riley Jane is tied up in a phone booth. She manages to get the door open and starts to make her way around the building. Her elbows and wrists are tied and she is gagged. She wanders in her 5 inch stilettos, calf muscles showing for a couple of minutes before trying a back door. When it opens a woman is standing there in a black with a mask over her head. She grabs Riley and starts to run across the room with her before making her get to her knees. She forces Riley to her knees, metal chips dig into her knees. She adds more rope to her and then removes the gag and shoves in a giant piece of cloth and wraps her head with duct tape. Riley is then tipped over onto the floor and then put into a balltie. Her pretty little ass left hanging out under her open bottom girdle. Her big natural boobs are pulled out of her jacket and she is left there with her elbows still tied tightly in a ball waiting to see what happens to her.


Guest appearance from Eric Cain!

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run time 17 minutes

These cute girls owe these people some cash. They don’t care, they are used to getting their way. They are heading out to the bar to dance when they are greeted by JJ and Eric and forced back into their apartment, shoved on their sofa and tied up against their will. Riley gets her mouth stuffed with two pair of panties and clear tape is wrapped around her head. Rain puts up more of a fight keeping her jaw shut but the two force it open, JJ even holds her eyes open while Eric shoves her mouth with two pairs of panties. Her head is wrapped in clear tape. Their elbows are tied together and the JJ says the nastiest things to the girls while Eric speaks with actions. The are both put into mean hogties. Eventually Riley gets her heel tied to her head with electrical tape and Rain gets layers of duct tape wrapped around her head and her already brutal hogtie. Her feet are even wrapped in duct tape. The two bitchy girls are left wallowing in self pity while the couple clears their wallets and warns them to come up with the rest of the cash.