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run time 20 minutes and 25 seconds

 A woman dressed in a tacky satin gold blouse and coordinating heels with Wolford pantyhose is minding her own business when someone enters and over powers her (Eric Cain aka evil). When she realizes what has happened she sees another man, Oscar, one she recently slept with and robbed while he was sleeping. He brought a buddy skilled at overpowering women with him to get a little revenge. The two grope at her and get her to her feet. She tries to get away but she is no match for the two of them. A ballgag gets strapped in frighteningly tightly. Her skirt is lifted and a crotch rope is applied to her trimmed bush lady area. Once they have her all tied up they get her to the ground and look around while she struggles to get her phone off of the tall night stand. She just can’t do it…They come in and decide to hogtie her like the pig bitch she is. Once hogtied a pair of panties and some sort of fabric is stuffed into her mouth and it is wrapped over and over with microfoam. Black tape goes over that, she almost panics as her top lip is wrapped up in her gums. Once she is hogtied she tries to get free but she can’t. They eventually leave but not before the pal of the man she robbed comes back in for one last special goodbye.

(There are many many shots of my privates throughout this clip, I just didn’t feel like posting many preview images. I didn’t know a crotch rope was going to happen).

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run time over 43 minutes

Ms Jordin shows up at a photoshoot very full of  herself having recently shed some lbs, bleached out her hair and got some big tits. The photographer is a little on edge because she had hired a more flat chested girl with a big booty. Adara talks about how hot she is and how she won’t be charging the woman more even though she should. The photographer didn’t care to photograph her anyway, someone had placed an order for a certain type of girl for a client….now she will have to find a new client for this slim and busty girl. It is easy to get the girl into some bondage to make her easier prey… Once she is attached to the bondage chair and ballgagged she realizes that she isn’t just there for photos. This woman has other ideas. She gets the chair, a red ballgag, taped up,  a white ballgag and is hogtaped very tightly. She gets some time outs shall we call them… Finally she is cut out just from the hogtaping and handed some scissors to free herself, but she won’t be able to.

to be continued.

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run time 4o minutes

This was a custom, interested?  jj at borntobebound

Wealthy lady Adara Jordin has hired a female companion for the evening. The pair don’t hit it off real well, Adara making demands the lady of the night doesn’t want to do with a bitchy attitude. Adara has a kink aside from pantyhose clad feet, she likes keeping women subdued which she does over and over while taping her  to the chair and gagging her with a white ball and watching her struggle. Then she wants to see her squirm all over the floor so she partly ties and partly tapes her there. She stuffs her mouth with panties and wraps vetwrap over them, later she adds more duct tape to coordinate with the tape on her elbows and ankles. After a few more subdue-ings she decides to leave her there. JJ makes her way over to a chair with scissors but know matter what she can’t cut herself out of this mess…

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run time 47 minutes

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JJ located her ex-girlfriend that had left her and she wasn’t going to let her go.  After finding Adara at her work she put her in bondage and took her back to there new home.  Adara awakes with her hands and feet bound to the bedposts.  She struggles on the floor. Her toes and her fingers are in thumb cuffs making things more uncomfortable for poor Adara.  JJ cuts Adara’s top off and fondles her body. has brought some help with her.. The man grabs Adara off the floor as her fondles her.  Her hands are bound behind her back and she is ball gagged.  She struggles but only ends up back onto the floor collared, with her legs tied spread.  JJ adds nipple clamps.  Adara struggles until its nap time …. when Adara awakes she is back on the bed frog tied with her hands behind her back in only her pantyhose.  She panty gags Adara and secures it in with some micro foam tape.  Adara struggles as JJ fondles Adara telling her about there new life together. JJ adds tape to Adara’s gag..Adara struggles around some more until JJ decides to hog tie her on the bed.  Adara wont be going anywhere. … finders, keepers.

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full clip, 1 hour and 7 minutes

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jail cell only

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tape part only

Adara Jordin is in a jailcell in orange prison scrubs and waist chain wih hands to the side. She is yelling for attention when the warden brings her in some paint. She is complaining that she is bored and about how gross it is in there, so why not brighten it up?? She is only given a small roller and brush. She is spanked on her ass, tits, pussy and face with a paint brush. She isn’t getting much done so the warden uncuffs her right wrist so she can be a little more efficient. The warden stands on the bench and puts her pantyclose clad foot in Adaras face. She teases her and then pulls off one of he white tube socks and gags her with it. Now one of those soles are getting filty and covered in paint. Now both hands are free and she is told to use the small roller and the brush at the same time. Her pants are pulled down, how humiliating. She continues to paint gagged and with one barefoot. The warden puts a key in her big white panties just to tease her. She leans her over the bench and pretends to hump her. She removes her shoe again and kicks her, sticks her toe in her rear. She spanks her and taunts her and then decides to help her paint. Then she leaves her on her hands and knees to finish the job, one filthy foot and one filthy sock. When the warden comes back in she tells her to wiggle her ass and arch her back while she is painting. It looks good…Then she is told to take her sock gag off and put it back on her foot and to pull her pants up. She puts the shoes on instead. She is told for her good behavior that she gets a mattress to sleep on the floor, but really it is just cushion from her office couch. Once the warden is gone for a while the inmate realizes there is a key in her panties and she escapes…

She goes directly to the wardens house, still in her prison scrubs and puts on some clothing that belongs to the warden including tan pantyhose and clear heels. Once she is dressed she opens the wardens bedside table and finds all kinds of bdsm items including an illegal substance. Soon she hears the warden, JJ Plush walk in and she swipes everything down off of the bed and she ducks. JJ is on the phone, hangs up facing away from Adara who has that substance in her hands. A struggle ensues and Adara the escaped inmate wins. She removes her heels and rubs her pantyhose clad feet on JJ and even kisses her feet. When the warden comes back around she is just met again with that same thing and Adara overpowers her. Next the scene cuts to the warden taped tightly into a chair. She has a bit of an attitude with the escaped inmate who is in control because she has that substance, out she goes again in the chair. Her mouth is stuffed and head taped. Adara goes out to enjoy her first night of freedom in a very long time. The warden pulls hard and breaks some tape, then she can get into the drawer. She grabs the scissors and twists and turns to make the cuts. She is standing, arms still bound, mouth still gagged but legs free. She angrily takes off…

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 23 minutes

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last gag & struggling, run time

A crazy woman has been watching Pepper Sterling and has decided she wants to keep her to herself. She sneaks in and knocks her out while she sleeps in satin pajamas on her couch. She comes to partial tied in a chair. She gets gagged several times, her boobs tied up, she is knocked out a couple more times and left  in the chair while JJ goes to pack some of Peppers belongings to take home, especially the satin stuff and hosiery….

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