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run time 21 minutes

A woman spotted Adara at a park. The woman happens to be crazy. Her only child went missing at 5 years old 15 years ago. She never got over it, she recently had computer generated images done to see what the girl would look like at 20 years old. She believes Adara is her missing daughter…Adara is now bound in a satin dress fit for a little girl princess on a satin bedspread. She is also ballgagged and wearing jelly shoes like the ones the woman said she had when she was young. She comes to and pleads with the woman who says her daughters name was Dottie – just like the tattoo on Adara’s arm. Adara tells her she has a family and that she is 30 and not 20. The woman continues on, taking out her ballgag and wiping the sweat from her face with pink and white fabric before jamming it in her mouth and sealing it up with clear tape. She tells “Dottie” that she isn’t going to lose her again, that she is going to keep her safe forever. They have A LOT of catching up to do… The girl is eventually hogtied and black tape is wrapped around and around her head. What will come next?

2nd update of the week

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run time 55 minutes

Amanda was working at a bar and it flooded. The owner never made the repairs but Amanda was sure the bar would still be stocked so she thought she would grab a few bottles to party with her friends. The owner was there. She had decided thatshe would become a dominatrix to make the kind of money she needed to restore the property. When she caught Amanda she told her she wouldn’t call the cops if she could practice tying her up. Amanda reluctantly agrees. She is tied up, gagged, groped, spanked, and scratched. Nipple clamps are used as a pussy chain. Her full bush coming out of her tiny panties. Then the clamps are used on her. She has been ballgagged and then tape added to that. She is forced to walk on a leash being pulled by those clamps. Her gag is changed out and her chest is pulled down to her waist on the couch. She can’t get comfortable though. The woman isn’t done with her though pink panties are added over the cleave and clear tape over that. Her toes are tied and pulled into the hogtie. Her old boss gets curious about the nipple clamps and puts them on herself, ties Amanda’s heels on and leaves her there all tied up and helpless.


previously posted as a wmv in 2013 but a member complained that it wasn’t working. He was correct, reformatted as an mp4 and moved to the front.

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run time 40 minutes

find her lingerie at just figures….

Sahrye is such a great little damsel it is hard to want to do the consensual clips with her but it was time. She is wearing lingerie from my friend at and I tie her up. She gets the 2 inch ballgag and then the clover clamps. The first time I nipple clamped her in the cold basement of our studio she cried. This time she did not, but we still get a pretty great reaction from her. Her chest is tied down to her legs with the clamps and eventually I make her get to her feet and tell her to walk in this position or hop, but it isn’t really possible. She gracefully tumbles forward and rips off one of the clamps. Poor baby…. So I take the other one off too, another nice reaction. I stuff her mouth with two pairs of socks and wrap her head with microfoam tape.  She gets a crotch rope and hogtied. It is a tight hogtie so she can’t put her chest down like in post clips you’ve seen her in. She said it upsets her that most people don’t pull that hogtie rope tight enough compared to how tight they put the other ropes. My theory is that they want a lot of movement to keep the video interesting, but I’m just fine with little movement. I use a rope to pull her head back too and help her roll… She is spent at the end of the clip, but still looks smashing.

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