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run time over 25 minutes

new girl to the site! Armani Knight

JJ and Dixie are talking on the couch. Dixie asks JJ who she is shooting today. JJ answers that it is a new girl. Dixie thinks that sounds like fun, but JJ says no. She doesn’t like bondage she is only doing it for the money. When the girl arrives the girls are delighted at her outfit. A tight short skirt, stilettos and a tight sweater with a scarf. They decide that she doesn’t have to change and they just get right to business. JJ tests the petite little things elbows and is delighted at how flexible she is. JJ starts to tie up her ankles and when she is done the girl tells her that it is a little tight. Annoyed, JJ moves on and makes a chest harness and then puts a ballgag in her mouth. The girls are all being a bit cattie and competitive…JJ then ropes up her arms very tightly putting her elbows together and running lots of rope down her arms. She doesn’t seem to be liking it but she is coping with it. Dixie adds a rope to her calves as JJ keeps roping up her arms. They talk about her like she’s not there. They say she smells like roses and there is nothing to her. She must live on cocaine, diet coke and cigarettes. She tries to push the ballgag out so JJ tightens it up for her. They have her get on her knees and they pull her boobs out from her sweater. Then they pull up her skirt. She’s wearing a beautiful lace garter belt and white panties. JJ cuts the panties out and she gets really upset. As they come off Dixie tells JJ that they are very expensive panties…JJ doesn’t care. They shove the panties in the girls mouth and then they use her scarf to keep them in. Next she gets some nipple clamps and JJ grabs her and puts her on the floor. Then her clamps come off and JJ puts her in a hogtie. Her hands are purple, JJ mentions that purple is her favorite color. Dixie asks her if it is too tight and she says YES and JJ says, whatever and keeps tying her. She gets a white cleave over the gag but she keeps trying to spit them out so JJ takes that off and wraps microfoam tape around the panties and scarf. They leave her there to struggle for a while and then finally come back and ungag her. The new model asks what the fuck is wrong with the girls, and JJ responds by telling her she can probably get herself untied….


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First let me apologize because the lighting is only the ambient lighting from the bar which is sad because when the friend I was saying at told me we could use the bar to shoot a bondage video I was really excited about it. This is the only clip we got to shoot there.

An angry waitress comes over to the last customer in the bar and grabs her drink and tells her she can’t stay because it is after 3am. JJ has been going to the bar on and off for years and this snotty little blond always treats her like dirt but flirts around and promptly waits on the male patrons. She’s moving out of town the following day and ready to get some revenge on the snotty blond girl. As the drink is wrestled from her hand, JJ grabs a soaking wet cloth and puts it over the girls mouth. Once she is on the ground JJ begins to tie up  her wrists and ankles and steal her tips which are stuffed into her stocking. As the girl wakes up she’s loud and irritating, JJ removes her panties and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with a scarf she pulls from the waitresses hair. She hogties her and then wraps electrical tape around the gag to make sure those panties don’t care anywhere. JJ decides to rob the cash register before returning to the girl and knocking her back out. She sits down to finish up her drink before leaving the girl to try to free herself or for the cleaning crew to find in the morning.

run time 14 minutes and 40 seconds


More Holiday Goodness! This time with Penthouse cover girl Emily Addison.

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Let Ms Addison take the stress out of your holiday madness…

run time about 15 minutes



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It is Morina’s birthday and her boyfriend has a surprise for her. She likes to be tied up, but he’s no good at it. They look at a website together and the boyfriend realizes that the woman that runs it lives pretty nearby. He gets in touch and offers her a job tying up his girlfriend. Morina is surprised when she appears at the door. JJ starts to tie her up and the boyfriend asks if he can record it so they can watch it later. JJ starts by putting a collar on her then tying her up at the ankles, knees and thighs. Then she gets a harness ballgag on and starts to drool all over herself immediately. JJ asks her to remove her jacket and then starts to tie up her wrists. This Morina is really flexible and says she owes it to pilates. The boyfriend focuses in on the drool as JJ ties her up. Next Morina gets her elbows tied. They go together nicely and JJ gets a little carried away adding more and more and then making a chest harness that cinches them to her petite little body. She pulls down her shirt and her white lace bra is matching her white lace garter belt. JJ thinks her nipples are asking for some attention and she puts nipple clamps on her. PART 2 begins here Then JJ removes the ballgag and gets a pair of panties to stuff into Morina’s mouth. JJ pulls out two pair, a huge pair of full back panties and a tiny pair of thongs. Morina asks for the small ones but she gets the big ones stuffed in her mouth…then she gets vetwrap wrapped very tightly around her pretty little head. Then Morina is told to get to her knees and JJ removes the nipple clamps before helping her to the ground so she can hogtie her. The beautiful birthday girl gets put into a snug hogtie! JJ packs up her stuff while the boyfriend puts a big necklace on her that was an additional gift! Morina struggles around in her tight bondage before he picks her up to carry her off to bed.


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Tightest tie I ever did on someone and no she is not a world famous bondage model…She is a local kinky girl that happens to be very tough and bendy and let me tell you that most of those types of girls are the ones that SHOULD be world famous! I do all of the tying on screen. She wears a 2inch harness gag then gets her mouths stuffed and tight vetwrap, a nice tight hogtie, pulled up to my ceiling…Really the preview images speak for themselves.

run time 21 minutes


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JJ is waiting on a client to show her a home, but an intruder is there waiting for her. He attacks her at g un point and makes her get on her knees. The scene cuts to her tied in the chair. Her client shows up, loving the house…but then sees JJ tied and gagged in a chair. He gropes her big boobs and stuffs her mouth wrapping a cleave tight to keep it in. She tries to untie her but the masked man grabs her at g un point and makes her spread em against the way as he pats her down. She’s forced to the floor where she is tied up (on screen). He makes her remove her own panties and he shoves them in her mouth and gags and wraps another cleave around her head. This gag is done on screen but from far away. Once the girls are bound up the man leaves the room. They roll around like crazy on the floor trying to untie themselves…do they succeed….check it out and see for yourself.

run time about 13 minutes

Bad guy Ropexpert

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Bad guys: Dixie Comet & Tony

JJ hasn’t had a good day. She is out in the middle of noplace when her car breaks down. She is screwed, she didn’t remember her cellphone or wallet. Some seemingly nice attractive people approach and offer to help. The man fixes the truck, but they don’t intend on letting her go…They tie her up, pulling her boobs out from her blazer and put her in the back of the truck, tie her ankles. The woman pulls out a huge pair of lace panties that they tell her they took from the last girl they did this to. They shove them into her big mouth and then the woman wraps her head tightly with vetwrap. The man puts her on on her stomach and hogties her tightly. Then they take off for home down the road with JJ rolling around in the back. They pull the truck into the garage. The man unties her hogtie, but then ties a rope around her neck to use as a leash as they escort her into the house and to the bedroom. Where the man straps a two gil ballgag into JJ’s mouth and then into his girlfriends mouth. He takes the rope from JJ’s neck and attaches it to her hands in a chicken wing style and then ties up his girls arms, before letting them out of the two girl gag and hogtying them on the bed, tying their ankles to each other and then tying their necks to one another and then their arms. Once he has them tied up they tell the girl that she has to try to wriggle around and pretend to get out, because it turns her on. The girlfriend tells JJ to tell her that she loves to be tied up with her and she does through her tears, but the girlfriend tells JJ it really turns her on. When the boyfriend comes back he sees that JJ has really loosened the ropes and they get really angry…

run time over 32 minutes

29 images

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I tie her up on screen which takes about 5.5 minutes then I decide to put a huge harness gag on her. She doesn’t seem to like the idea of the harness gag but it’s too late, she is already tied up. Then I cut her pretty yellow sweater away, tape her boobs up with electrical tape and then put nipple clamps on them. After a bit I take the clamps off and take the harness gag off, swapping it out with a big pair of panties and some clear tape. Then I help her to the floor and hogtie her on screen. Next I take the tape off her breasts, telling her it’s because I know it is painful to lay on them, but really I just think her boobs are so pretty without any bondage, I’d prefer to see them free. Next I add just a bit of clear electrical tape to that gag to tighten it up 🙂

run time over 21 minutes

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I’ve known Nyxon for a while now but I finally got the opportunity to tie the picture perfect pin up girl up. First I put her into a strappado on screen and she gets a very big red ballgag. For such a skinny little girl she certainly does have a nice size mouth :). I keep adding to the strappado eventually tieing her head down and making her even more uncomfortable. After I get tired of that I sit her down in a chair and take the ballgag out, replacing it with nothing put microfoam tape wrapped around her head distorting her pretty litte face into a fish type look. Then I add some rope to her knees and help her to the floor where she wriggles around for us all tied up with great views of her seamed stockings and pretty little behind. After bit I hogtie her. I’m too nice and tell her to let me know when it’s too tight and she does. I’m thinking that with that lean body she could have arched up A LOT more but maybe I needed to give her more support around the shoulders…anyway, it is still a pretty snug hogtie and after she rolls around in her own drool for a bit I decide to tighten it up a litt more by tieing her off to the ceiling…but first things first, I remove the microfoam gag and shove a wad of panties in her mouth and wrap her head with clear tape (the camera is on the side of her head, not in front). After a bit I do add that rope attaching her to the ceiling pulling her up a bit, and then I wrap rope around her panty gag and pull her head back some. Aww she looks so purty 🙂

run time 24 minutes

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