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Another oldie, new clips will resume Friday!

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run time 23 minutes

Ivy Cat was a local lady that let me practice on her when I had no idea how to tie. She loved bondage a lot. She was great for me because I could experiment without worrying about hurting her badly or emotionally scaring her away from bondage, lol. She moved out of town and I haven’t seen her in some time. I remember this was the first rope clip I ever did when I said to myself Hey I can actually tie ok!!
When the video begins I gag Ivy Cat with a big red ballgag and then tie her up on screen (about 7 minutes of tieing) next I leash her and lead her across the warehouse floor and sit her in a chair, where I pull her boobs out of her pretty blouse, retie her ankles and gag her with a shop rag and lots of black electrical tape. I have her hop over to the old bed, she lays down and struggles for a bit and we get to see her gold open bottomed girdle and seamed stockings before I put her into a tight hogtie and spank her a bit before I leave her to struggle some more, but I’m not finished yet…I add another rope to her hogtie and tie that off to a hook on the wall. She can’t do much but moan now! I likey and she did too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I did snap photos towards the end while the video camera was still running

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This was the very first corrupt security guard clip that I ever shot ๐Ÿ™‚

I saw this lady wandering around the building in a red sequined gown and tall heels. There is only one reason that kind of woman would be lurking around this type of place after hours so I quickly take things into my own hands, pushing her up against the wall, frisking her, cuffing her hands and putting leg irons on her. I love this type of thing to happen so there was no way I was going to call the cops, I was going to have a little fun with this whore. I walk her into my space and recuff her to the chair, shove a big blue racquet ball into her mouth and wrap duct tape around her head numerous times. Just to make sure she can’t weasel her way out, I add another layer of electrical tape to that. Then the fun really begins. I pull her dress out and attach nipple clamps to her, eventually tie them down in front of her and then pull her head back…she doesn’t seem all that thrilled but I’m really enjoying myself. Eventually I uncuff her and pull that tape off. I have her spit that ball out and drool comes gushing out. THIS IS WHERE PART 1 ABOVE ENDS. I know her jaw is aching but then I stuff her mouth with a pair of panties left behind by the last whore I found wandering around and wrapped a tight piece of fabric around her head to secure it. I have her get on her knees and I tie her up with ropes. I can’t tell if she hates it or is loving it to be honest, but I keep going. I slap her tits a little and say nasty things to that woman. She struggles on the floor and I put her into a nice hogtie and let her lay there struggling and moaning for while before I come back with one last touch, a rope thru her gag pushing those panties in deeper and around her forehead to keep her up off the ground. After a bit I ask her if sheโ€™s learned her lesson. I think she has. (Both characters break after that and I ungag her and unrope her just a bit on screen because she loves it soooo much I like to share that sort of thing. The untieing starts at 23.5.

Run time 27 minutes

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