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JJ is waiting on a client to show her a home, but an intruder is there waiting for her. He attacks her at g un point and makes her get on her knees. The scene cuts to her tied in the chair. Her client shows up, loving the house…but then sees JJ tied and gagged in a chair. He gropes her big boobs and stuffs her mouth wrapping a cleave tight to keep it in. She tries to untie her but the masked man grabs her at g un point and makes her spread em against the way as he pats her down. She’s forced to the floor where she is tied up (on screen). He makes her remove her own panties and he shoves them in her mouth and gags and wraps another cleave around her head. This gag is done on screen but from far away. Once the girls are bound up the man leaves the room. They roll around like crazy on the floor trying to untie themselves…do they succeed….check it out and see for yourself.

run time about 13 minutes

Bad guy Ropexpert

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