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Bad guys: Dixie Comet & Tony

JJ hasn’t had a good day. She is out in the middle of noplace when her car breaks down. She is screwed, she didn’t remember her cellphone or wallet. Some seemingly nice attractive people approach and offer to help. The man fixes the truck, but they don’t intend on letting her go…They tie her up, pulling her boobs out from her blazer and put her in the back of the truck, tie her ankles. The woman pulls out a huge pair of lace panties that they tell her they took from the last girl they did this to. They shove them into her big mouth and then the woman wraps her head tightly with vetwrap. The man puts her on on her stomach and hogties her tightly. Then they take off for home down the road with JJ rolling around in the back. They pull the truck into the garage. The man unties her hogtie, but then ties a rope around her neck to use as a leash as they escort her into the house and to the bedroom. Where the man straps a two gil ballgag into JJ’s mouth and then into his girlfriends mouth. He takes the rope from JJ’s neck and attaches it to her hands in a chicken wing style and then ties up his girls arms, before letting them out of the two girl gag and hogtying them on the bed, tying their ankles to each other and then tying their necks to one another and then their arms. Once he has them tied up they tell the girl that she has to try to wriggle around and pretend to get out, because it turns her on. The girlfriend tells JJ to tell her that she loves to be tied up with her and she does through her tears, but the girlfriend tells JJ it really turns her on. When the boyfriend comes back he sees that JJ has really loosened the ropes and they get really angry…

run time over 32 minutes

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