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Sorry for the fuzzy quality. I traveled to California, knew we had a studio to use and assumed it would have lighting…  It did not. This was still a best selling video on clips4sale!

JJ has been robbed before. Now she is prepared with ropes and gags under her pillows. She hears someone rummaging through her drawers and jumps up and pushes the stunned woman to the bed. The busty and petite woman is easy to over power. She gets her tied up a little while she is , and then continues to wrap more ropes around her when she wakes. She can’t fight JJ off tho. JJ plucks the stocking cap from her head revealing her beautiful face. Once she is sufficiently tied up JJ leans her up and shoves a huge wad of panties into the womans mouth and wraps her head tightly with electrical tape. She gropes her big boobs and then tosses the woman onto her stomach so she can put her into a tight hogtie. She leaves her there for a bit telling her the cops are on their way.
run time about 12 minutes

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