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run time 50 minutes and 44 seconds

Sexy cop Rachel Adams is looking for a masked mad woman in a fluffy vest, unfortunately the mad woman finds her first. She is stripped, her hands tied behind her back and then she is rolled around into some saran wrap (not all wrapping shown). Next she is standing and tied off above. Her body is taped up, her mouth stuffed with a ball. Only her beautiful eyes and her barefeet are left exposed. She is taken to the ground. She rolls and mmphs about. The mad woman doesn’t like it, so she covers up her eyes and then slides her body into a body bag and  straps it up. Only her nose is exposed. After some time a man arrives and drags her away….

2nd update of the week

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run time 28 minutes

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run time 3 minutes

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run time 4 minutes 24 seconds

Karin Sin was caught stealing at the porn studio and decides to stay and play a kinky game instead of having  the police called on her. She is chained to the wall wearing huge German cuffs and leg irons to attach her to the wall. She has a crotch chain and the short leg irons on. She is laughing and saying that she has had enough. Tony enters and puts a little ballgag in  her mouth and leaves her there for a bit longer. He removes the cuffs, takes her to a post and wraps a little bit of saran wrap around her waist and leaves her there for JJ. JJ is impressed that she is soooo tall  and natural looking. She wraps her body up with the saran wrap and leaves her there with that little gag in for a bit. When she returns she covers her body in black tape. Karin is taken aback at feeling so restrained, it really isn’t as funny anymore. She fights off some panic. She gets her hair put in a ponytail, a stocking cap and her hair pulled through it and that ballgag again. Her boobs are pulled out from her black lace bra and she is manhandled a bit before being left there to think about her life choices….

Real life notes: The clip I posted of Karin in red the other day was shot early this summer. She hadn’t been tied up in a while then and she hadn’t been since that day.  She is from my area, lives out of state and I shoot her when she comes to visit family. She is a pro domme in Denver. We discussed the mummification with hands to the side including tape around her face with her eyes and nose exposed and she thought it would be no problem but not even all the way through the plastic wrap process she got really hot and nervous about the restraint and wanted the gag out….I promised her just that little gag and a stocking cap with no tape on her head if she could keep going. She manned up and did it for me. I was happy she got through it and it wasn’t a throw away clip, however you know me….I wanted her head secured to that post and I was a little more playful than normal-

There is footage at the end of her coming out & a few seconds of her in the hot tub at the end. 


As you might be able to see in the preview images the coloring switches from a warm to cool OFTEN. I apologize for this. It hasn’t happened since then…I don’t understand it and I don’t know enough about editing to even it all out :/

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run time 28 minutes  (getting Rachel into the pantyhose & pantyhose top is NOT shown)

JJ comes in from work completely exhausted and downtrodden. Rachel starts bragging about her hot date from tinder, about how he is going to take her to a nice restaurant they have always wanted to go to and the hottest new club in town. She is being really bitchy. When JJ mentions she is going to stay home and do laundry Rachel tosses her laundry bag in JJs direction and tells he to do hers as well. Wow, did this really happen? Rachel is always a bitch but this is way out of hand…JJ grabs her, pulls her dress off of her and ties her up with all of the dirty stocking and pantyhose in the basket. Then she decides to put Rachel’s dress on and go on her date. Sure it is now tighter and shorter but it works. Rachel’s panties are cut off of her body with a big knife and used as a cleave for a while before she stuffs the pair in her mouth and tapes it closed. Then she gets another stocking over her head and is tied up more and left struggling. When she tries to get up and hop away JJ meets her and has her get to the floor. She has a stocking digging into her pussy and now she is going to be hogtied. She is left there helpless and humiliated while JJ runs off to he date. Sure she doesn’t look a thing like Rachel but maybe the guy won’t care. He doesn’t, they have a great time and plan another date. JJ removes Rachel’s gag when she returns and Rachel hasn’t calmed down. JJ has brought Rachel her favorite pie as a gift but instead of giving it to her to eat she decides to throw it in her face and leave her there…