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run time almost 33 minutes

Alba Zevon is a real heart breaker and a man from her youth is still obsessing over her many years later. He decides that he is going to finally make her his. He sends a woman to grab her. She brings the pretty woman in wearing a hood and she attaches her collar to a chain on the ceiling. She has her strip down to her shiny nude colored panties and thigh high stockings. Her wrists are tied and she is put into a basic strappado. JJ understands what this man sees in Alba. An enormous scarf is wadded up and put into the petite girls mouth. Tape is wrapped round and around her head. JJ starts to tie her up with rope, elbows bound, crotch roped, fingers taped up tightly with black tape. Once she is all bound up she is helped to her knees. The scarf is removed and a spider ring gag goes in. Now it is time for her to get up on her knees. She is tied off to the ceiling above and she is teetering on her knee points in utter disbelief about what is happening to her. After some time on her knees the door opens and the man that has been longing for her to be his enters and approaches her very eager to start their new life together.

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