I’m not ignoring any of you but I am a very bad business person…

I kind of shut down after having visitors in town most of the summer. I got so sick, sick that was called pneumonia but no one else was getting sick that I was breathing on….. It turns out it was actually airborne mold toxicity brought on by a bunch of stressors because of autoimmune disease- Hashimotos. I was locked in my house with the air on basically for a couple months and it got me good. I was really feeling sorry for myself and thought I was dying. I was eating clean and not understanding why I was so miserable and tired and stupid and in pain and getting weaker with the most painful cough.

I haven’t been in emails for more than one day and I haven’t shot since Alba left. I was not in a good place emotionally or physically. Lots of changes at the house to try to heal the house, not sure if it is entirely possible or if I am going to have to move sooner than later. We shall see.

I also took a job out of the house to be out of the house. I can make my own hours so it won’t change anything for shooting. It is also not faced paced or stressful so I won’t be running myself into the ground. I’ll announce where I am working soon and you will even be able to come visit me there….

I mean well and I’m trying.

I know a few well known ladies that skipped out of the fetish biz prematurely because they felt too much pressure from fans and submissives to be on point all the time and have constant communication. I learned by watching them bow out too quickly due to the stress that they put on themselves and I never wanted to be that person. I want to keep making content for the site. I want to continue to make customs that people love. I want to get back into sessioning and making fantasies come true in person.

I thank those of you who don’t take it personally that I’m away for extended times or that I’m terrible at communicating online. You mean the absolute world to me and I don’t mean to seem disrespectful or ungrateful because I’m not. I know how it comes off to some of you because I see the email change tones and friends even show me things some fans have emailed to them about me. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.

More to say another day. I know I’m too wordy.

I am shooting Lolly Gagg this Sunday and Calisa Bliss comes next weekend, so I’m back at it. I’ll be catching up on some solo customs next week as well.

Happy Friday everyone

much respect, JJ



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