New model to this site, Lolly Gagg!!

Not the clip I had intended on shooting that day. I didn’t know she had mobility issues at that time and couldn’t do a boxtie, strappado tie or hogtie until right before we started shooting. I’m not on my A game in life right now, I was totally taken aback, but here is what I came up with.

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run time 26 minutes and 30 seconds

Neighborhood flirt Lolly Gagg has been all over JJs husband at a get together.  She is the woman that none of the neighborhood ladies trust alone with their men. She knows he loves soft sweaters and bondage so she was wearing her sweater and caressing herself at a neighborhood get together and talking about how much she loves rope.  She’s had enough of this woman and decides to get her alone and teach her a thing or two with some duct tape. Lolly doesn’t want a woman to be taping her up but JJ doesn’t care. She is all tape up with hands in front, her boots are removed revealing her pantyhose feet. Sadly for JJ her hubby hears the commotion and comes down and finds the situation to be delightful. He decides to tape JJ up with Lolly, forcing her elbows together. He stuffs both of their mouths with scarfs and wraps their heads with tape. He leaves them there and the two struggle together. JJ convinces Lolly to cut her elbow bondage and she manages to free herself. She removes Lolly’s gag but then leaves her there despite her pleading…

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