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This is only her second time/ clip in bondage! She will be back at the end of the month if anyone would like a custom 🙂

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run time 17 minutes

Dawn Isabella just uses too much tape, as well as dressing like a tramp so her office mate JJ decides to use up a bunch of tape on Dawn. She gets her mouth stuffed, black vetwrap and then later lots of tape. When she is left alone she gets up and hops behind her desk and reaches for the scissors, only to be met by JJ who turns her around, pulls her boobs out of her shirt and leads her back to the sofa for more tape. Then she is hogtaped and her hands get all taped up. She is left mmmphing and helpless on the office floor with her massive boobs exposed. The only thing she can manage to do is rip off some of the tape on her beautiful hands. Who will get her out of this mess?

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