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run time 46 minutes

Adara comes back to the wardens house after a night out partying only to find that she is gone from the chair and the messes all cleaned up…She is soon met with the same stuff and now she is the one that has lost control. She winds up on the floor with her hands cuffed behind the bed. The warden adds an enormous ballgag, tapes up her legs and chest and nipple clamps her, escaping is impossible but she tries. The gag is replaced with a smaller one, her skirt pulled off and placed over her head. Then she is taped up more into a ball. She is writhing in pain because the warden can’t reach around her well and keeps tugging on her nipple clamps making her even more miserable. Then it is time for her to rest again. JJ makes her beg for it. Then her toes are tied to her nipple clamps. Her mouth is stuffed and her head is taped back to the post. She struggles for a bit before the warden comes back for more fun with chemicals. Then it is time to remove those clamps before more fun with chemicals, some undoing of the bondage occurs. A clamp is added to her pussy and then pulled down to the tape on her ankles. Her head is still firmly attached to the post and she is still cuffed behind the back. The warden returns and removes the tape from her head and then shoves a dick on a stick in her mouth making her eye makeup run. She makes her beg for it…Then she gets to rest it all off before magically appearing in rope and being ballgagged again. She is crotch roped, spanked and told to shake her ass and then gets to rest again. Her ballgag is removed and she gets a hankerchief shoved in her mouth. Her head is wrapped with tape and she is hogtaped from there. She writhes around for a bit until the warden cuts the hogtape, removes the gag and puts it over her head. She ballgags her and ties her off to the armoire and the bed post so she can’t get away, after another little rest….

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run time 27 minutes

Pretty Sarah Brooke is cleaning the bar she works at before it opens when a customer from a different night comes in angry and knocks her out. She awakes tied to a chair. The woman is just upset that the bartender was filling her vodka drinks with water because she was too intoxicated, but she was also charging her for them. Obviously this isn’t a normal way to handle this, but it is happening. Sarah is ballgagged, tied up more and the woman makes Sarah read the bottle before knocking her back out.  When she wakes up her sweater is cut at the boobs. Her gag is changed to panties and vetwap cleave. The woman robs the bar and knocks her back out again, once again making her say chloroform over and over again. When she is lucid again her gag is changed out again, stuffing and black tape. She is left struggling moving the chair around and really trying to get up but her pretty face is met again with the choloro.

*after it ends 2 scenes of 2 gags that didn’t work out are shown-  pieces of the sweater being put over the cleave and tape around it. You can see the real terror in her face. I figured some of you would want to see that…

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run time 22 minutes

JJ and Caroline compliment each other on your sexy outfits , perfume , etc. ( Since there is a fetish convention in town ,you are wearing your black latex catsuit ). You tell Chris (Caroline’s boyfriend) to make himself comfortable while you and Caroline go to the kitchen to pour drinks. You and Caroline deviously add a little something “extra” to Chris’ drink . Caroline asks ” Is that’s the stuff you got from Elaine ?” and ,  “Are you are sure this is safe ? ”  JJ tells Caroline , ” he’ll be fine , its just gonna make him REAL sleepy “. JJ and Caroline return with the drinks.  A little more small talk and soon Chris begins to feel the effects of the drink . Camera shows close ups of Caroline and JJ , POV , talking to Chris and asking questions as if taunting : ” Is something wrong , Chris ?”  ” How are you feeling ? ” . ” Getting Dizzy ? ” ” What’s the matter , Can’t move ?”  Caroline then says very seductively ” Ssshhhhh , its just something to make you all sleeeeepy ” . JJ seductively confirms ” that’s right , All Sleeeeepy ! ” Caroline now moves in close ( POV as if doing an eye check ) and saying with a very soft voice ” sshhh , just relax and let the drug work ” .  JJ now excuses herself & tells Caroline to “keep an eye on him til he’s completely out” . Caroline continues to verbally sooth Chris POV telling him in a soft voice  “I’m sorry we had to drug you , sweetie” . ” It’s just something we like to do ” . ” Don’t worry , it’ll wear off in a few hours” . JJ now enters with a cloth and chloroform bottle in hand . JJ asks Caroline ” Remember this ” ? Caroline sees it and says  “OMG JJ , he’s pretty well out of it , I don’t think he needs to be CHLOROFORMED !”  JJ then says , ” He’s not going to be” ! Caroline gets in a quick “WHAT THE F”!! ? as JJ grabs hold , clamping the towel over her mouth & nose . ( Caroline does a sexy protesting through the cloth , glassy-eyed , slow pass-out , but not completely out ! ) JJ now mockingly asks the almost unconscious Caroline ” Did you really think I wasn’t gonna knock YOU out TOO? Good girl”  as Caroline weakly moans . JJ now cuffs Caroline and ball gags her. JJ now looks into the camera POV as if talking to Chris – ” And how are YOU doing ? Can you hear me ? Are you startin to wake up” ? ” Wanna try a little of this ? (simulated chloroforming Chris , POV)  ” Hmmm , good, I think you’re still pretty well out of it !”       JJ now makes a (simulated) kinky phone call to Renee …….. :       ” Oh Hi Renee , OMG , Everything is going PERFECTLY ! …..Yep , I got BOTH of ’em ! ……..  Yep ,sweet Caroline ! Uh – huh . And her boyfriend !…. OH , don’t worry !, ….. Oh, I know, SHE”S THE DOCTOR ! ….. No …..Would you believe I’m almost OUT of CHLOROFORM ! I know ! ,  Elaine likes them UNCONSCIOUS for the WHOLE trip !  Just tell her we’re gonna need to shoot their butts full of Demerol ! Oh , and don’t forget Syringes ! OK , Bye .”……  Caroline now begins to moan and squirm . JJ slowly chloroforms her again as Caroline does another sexy “pass-out” . The doorbell rings and JJ goes to answer . (off camera) we hear JJ say  ” Hi Renee , Hello Elaine  , come in and meet our sleepy little slaves ” ! They realize they have forgotten the drugs and leave JJ to regag Caroline’s mouth with stuffing and tape and then a stocking cap and more tape she struggles helplessly on the couch hogcuffed until she finally she is knocked back out again.

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