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This was a custom and I loved it, but more importantly the client did as well 😉

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run time over 30 minutes

Dakkota is bored at her desk and drifts off holding the duct tape wishing someone was there to tape her up. When she comes to her wrists have been bound a women is asking to escort her to the sofa in front of her desk. Confused but delighted Dakkota complies. The woman removes her panties and stuffs them into her mouth. They are a tight fit. A purple cleave goes on, then a light blue over the mouth gag and then another light blue over the mouth gag. She is very quiet now…The woman the stuffs her own mouth and follows the same routine, cleave, otm, otm. Dakkota is all taped up with packing tape. She struggles on the sofa and standing and then the woman returns and removes the gag and stuffs Dakkotas mouth with a smaller pair of panties after Dakkota requests a tight tape gag and an entire roll of blenderm tape. The woman, JJ repeats the process on herself and tapes up her legs and wraps layers and layers of silver tape around both of their heads and then POOF JJ appears all taped up with Dakkota. The two writhe around and do gag kisses and then after some time both close their eyes to rest.

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 30 minuts

This was a custom clip- featuring stocking feet & basic bondage with LOTS of struggling

A corrupt agent brings in a well dressed business woman named Renee. She frisks her and ties her up. She gags her with a simple piece of duct tape, she struggles in the chair for a while before the woman returns to add more ropes. She takes her heels off and sits next to the woman and puts her stockinged feet on her body. She leaves her for a bit and she slides to the floor and struggles. Then her gag is changed to a small piece of cloth and a white cleave. The woman struggles for a good bit longer before someone else arrives. This person happens to be corrupt and turns on the woman doing the tying. The scene cuts to the 2 women tied up on a sofa in a different location. They have already been gagged with stuffing and an over the mouth stocking. They struggle for a while before sliding to the floor and then the camera cuts to them both hogtied.