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run time 38 minutes

A (real life) mother daughter duo are in jail, Genevieve and Jeanette. Their PO gets them out and takes them home to teach them some bonding lessons. They appear in much sexier outfits that have been chosen for them. They ballgag one another and struggle on the couch following a couple commands before their gags are swapped out and they get hogtied. Once they are hogtied moms discovers she has access to the hogtie rope and she is able to escape from it. She quickly gets to work trying to free her daughter who is in a much tighter tie. They remove their gags and once they do the officer comes in with ballgags and says, that was probably the nicest thing you’ve ever done for your daughter helping her to escape, now on to the next bonding experience….


1st update of the week

This clip went missing for a while but it was my first time tying Genevieve from Cinched and Secured!

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full clip, run time over 29 minutes

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shorter version, run time 12 minutes and 35 seconds

Raven and Genevieve are bored at work when a woman in a stocking cap and a man come in to rob the place. They get to work tying the pretty office women up. They leave them ballgagged sitting in chairs while they take things. They start to get themselves free but sadly the kinky bad guys are back to add more ropes and change out their gags. The women get more arm ropes and their mouths stuffed and sealed tight with tape. After some groping and being forced to gag kiss on their knees they get hogtied on the office floor and left there mmmphng. They roll around trying to free themselves. One of them eventually gets the hogtie ropes loose, both women are excited thinking they will be free soon, but it turns out they are still stuck in bondage and tape gags. Maybe they will get up and hop out of the building to look for help….

3rd update of  last week

NEW models to Borntobebound and a legit biological mother/ daughter duo!! See more of them on Cinched and Secured

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run time 39 minutes, including a few minutes of an after interview that addresses most people would have about a mom/daughter bondage duo

Seemingly wealthy and classy Genevieve is in debt to JJ who is fed up with being avoided. JJ finally decides she is going to take what rightfully belongs to her. She barges in on Gen at work while her college aged daughter Jeanette happens to be there begging for money to go to a concert. JJ assumes the girl is her young lover but she is told otherwise. A weapon and some harsh words get the two pretty ladies to do as told. Moms tie up your kids ankles while I tie up her wrists– then I’ll get you! Both ladies are ballgaged and tied sitting in chairs with their necks tethered together while JJ takes everything she wants including the keys to Gens Mercedes which will be going to get chopped up. Then they are regagged- kiddo with moms scarf and moms with JJs well worn yellow panties. They get clear tape wrapped around their faces and thick pretty hair. They struggles about on the floor as JJ looks around more before they get tied back to back. Conveniently Jeanettes elbws are bound and fit nicely in the small of moms back. JJ returns not yet convinced they are uncomfortable enough and she gets clear tape wrapped around both of their heads. They are tossed a pair of scissor from the desk as JJ leaves-


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