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31 minutes and 30 seconds

Freshie struggles with cuffed ankles in a fiddle with a little silver ballgag. I come in and connect the fiddle to her ankle cuffs and her legs go straight up on the sofa. Next it is time for her to wear the metal contraption where all 4 limbs go in. She is vulnerable and adorable rolling around on the rug.  Then it is time to replace the starter ballgag with an enormous hard one, she drools immediately now hogcuffed with a spreader bar.  Next a blue ball and red tape go in and over her mouth. She gets hogcuffed a different way, a blue stocking goes over her head and the other one used to tie up her feet. After some struggling the fuzzy blue sweater goes right up over her head covering her entire face.

This was shot without a camera person, I tried my best which isn’t the best…..also if anyone likes sweater clips and would like to send another big fluffy one in another color that would be awesome. I’ll make you a video with me in it as a thanks. Mailing address found under Sessions & Wishlist

This was a custom video and I enjoyed it

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full clip over 30 minutes

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struggling scenes 7 minutes

A man has hired a woman for some fetish fun. He tells her that he enjoys fuzzy things so she wears a fuzzy coat for him but he has something else in mind. He hands her a huge soft blue fuzzy turtleneck sweater that appears to be very expensive, perhaps even hand knitted of mohair    some shimmery blue tights and tall blue high heels. She gets dressed in them and he begins to tie her up with white clothesline. This is very unlike her other jobs but she doesn’t mind. He ties her arms up very first thing. He has her walk around a bit before tying her ankles and ballgagging her. Then he adds a thigh rope and she struggles some more. Eventually he hogties her. She struggles around on  the floor for a while and is eventually able to get the hogtie rope loosened.  She pulls her legs down straight and makes her way back over to the sofa and sits back up there. He comes back over to her and punishes her from messing up his bondage, you will have to watch to see what he does to punish her but I bet you can use your imagination. The end.

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