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run time 36 minutes and 45 seconds

Young bondage loving Diamondly, struggles at the post wearing an enormous harness gag with more grace than 99% of women in tiny ballgags. She struggles until I approach her and feel her up and spank her girdle bound ass. Next she sits in the chair and I attach her with spread legs and then pull her chest down and nipple clamp and blindfold her. This is where most clips would probably end but we continue on with her now standing with mits on her hands. I use some straps to bind her up and then stuff her mouth and wrap her face. Eventually she is hogtied with straps and then hogtied even more tightly with rope and tied off to the bed post in a chicken wing and her head pulled back with rope. Clamps now over her girdle. She makes it look easy, but its not… What a good girl!!

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run time over 18 minutes

I saw this cute young girl with a foreign accent at the beach, she was wearing a flowery dress and suntan sheer pantyhose with sneakers. How adorable, you don’t see that much at the beach even in the winter. I watched her and two older men all evening. They seem to be having a great time,  they were hanging on her every word but they were not getting very touchy with her. I wondered if they would all go back to one room together, maybe I could peek in the window…. but she said goodnight and went to her own room at the hotel. I knew she had been drinking all day in the sun and that she would soon be asleep.  I looked like a normal lady so I went to the front desk pretending to be buzzed and said I had lost my room key card. I gave my room number, the front desk girl asked my name and I just said Diamondly as I pretended to have something important happening in my phone. I heard the guys call her Diamondly a few times, but I didn’t get a last name. I entered her room and she was out. If she hadn’t been my plan was to apologize sincerely and say I was in the room next door and wow there must be a problem with the keys. How scary! She was indeed asleep so I overpowered her and tied her up while she was still wearing that cute little dress and pantyhose. She gets her mouth stuffed, head wrapped tightly with vetwrap and white tape. I put her arms up in an unusual way and tie and tape them. I hogtie her on the bed as she writhes around. I pose for photos with her and I leave her there helpless on the bed while I go to the hotel bar to help myself to another cocktail. Hhhmmm what else will I do to this adorable helpless  young tourist?

Side note, this was my last day in Florida which I always end with a night at the beach.  After a lovely day of frolicking it was clear that Diamondly wanted to be tied up and I thought it would be fun to make a last minute clip. I didn’t have any lights with me since I had been using the ones at Eric Cains studio on this trip, so I just used what was available in the hotel. 

It doesn’t fit with most of the content here but I thought some of you would enjoy it anyway

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run time about 8 minutes

Diamondly and JJ think it is time for their friend Miss Murdah to take a study break. She is reluctant but gives in. She is cuffed on the ankles and wrists and gets her feet tickled A LOT with fingers, a hair brush and a makeup brush.  She is truly ticklish.

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full clip

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hogtie, run time 7 minutes and 40 seconds

Two terrible women JJ Plush and Rachel Adams have captured Diamondly and plan to get a lot of money for her. They bring her into the house with wrists tied and  get her tied in a chair and then leave for a bit before putting her into a tight chicken wing hogtie on the floor. JJ spur of the moment decides to trick her pal into tying herself up a bit for some photos to make it look like the lady taking operation is bigger than it is… She stuffs her own mouth and wraps her head up tightly to make it look real after she ties her ankles.  Her so called friend ties her arms and hogties her next to the other girl.  JJ has suddenly gotten greedy and no longer cares about her pal, she is taking the money all for herself and leaving Rachel there alongside of Diamondly who she ties off to the ceiling so she can not roll over.

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