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run time 18 minutes

A woman ( JJ Plush ) has been tied in a chair and ballgagged. She manages to get up and she creeps towards the door, grabbing a weapon in case she gets caught. Her captor (Fayth on Fire) takes the weapon out of her hands and leads her back to the chair she was sitting in. She ties up her legs and leaves her. JJs sister Dominica appears to help her but she is caught by Fayth and poof she is being tied to the chair, white ballgag stuffed between her teeth. Fayth was fired from sales at the company because these two blond bimbos failed at life in Miami and came back to Detroit begging daddy to hire them back….Fayth is livid and not coping well. After getting the sister tied up she changes their gags, making JJs especially tight. Fayth leaves them there and they struggle frantically to get out of the chairs, succeeding, grabbing hands and making their way towards the door.

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