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In July I went to LA to see my best friend Dixie Comet marry the love of her life. While I was there I didn’t accomplish much because I was dealing with that insanely low temperature, adrenal exhaustion and thyroid thing however I was sure to to keep my shoot scheduled with the first man to ever suspend me in 2007 (Don Sir) who much later become a lover and loved one. Although the relationship was not meant to last we’ve always had a beautiful relationship with rope. There was never any expectation to create bondage clips or do something that sold because it wasn’t a business for him. There was never any acting or pretending to be mad or sad or in pain like there is often times when making clips. It was always just two people that truly enjoyed bondage and hosiery challenging one another and making memories simply with a camera. I had no worries that I would ruin the shoot if I got too sick and weak. I had no worries about putting on a show. I HOPED that I had what it takes to withstand the types of ties I always enjoyed with him but I knew that even if I bailed on the first tie there would be no hard feelings and we would still enjoy the evening catching up. There were others I wanted to be tied up by on the trip, but they are in the business of DID clips and I wasn’t willing to try and fail and get myself all worked up about it. This day I laid in the bed until he arrived conserving energy. The next day I stayed in the bed almost day recovering (temperature was in the 96.4 range) not conducive to physical and mental challenges but I’m happy to say I did pretty ok and I felt good because my dear from Suzi came and did my makeup. The hardest part for me was that suspension- simply the rope digging into my plush flesh above the knee and oddly enough not the elbows bound with breast bondage, which makes elbow bondage more challenging (for me).

For those of you who have been emailing about my doctors appointment, some of you even curious about my condition because of a loved on that seems to be suffering similarly I’ll elaborate more about the get well process in a journal update very soon. I did the right thing not making any rash decisions and waiting for the specialist. I can see and feel myself coming back to life shall we say, although there are often disheartening reminders that I have a long way to go but that is life.

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!!

This was originally posted in 2011. I’m feeling festive tonight and re-rendered the wmv as an mp4 and moved it to the front

The audio should be working now 12/26

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run time over 21 minutes

We were in the Christmas spirit so I used saran wrap and mummify Red Diamond to a chair. Originally we were going to have her laying on the coffee table but that proved harder to do than we expected, so once her upper body is wrapped I gag her on screen with a big white ball gag and then I have her wobble over to the chair across the room which I found to be amusing. I saran wrap her to the chair which proves to be extremely effective. She is wearing a festive all in one girdle and heels when we start the process (and holiday music is playing in the background and we are just being playful through the first half) by the end she is completely mummified to the chair from the top of her head to the bottoms of her heels in saran wrap and the radio is off. I also tape her to the chair with more duct tape and holiday packaging tape. She drools A LOT all over the wrap before I encase her head. Next I put a big shop wrag in her mouth (the music has been turned off by now) and I use the saran wrap to hold it in. I go all over her face and around her head and over her head with it. The only thing I leave untouched are her nostrils so she can breathe. Then I wrap duct tape around her head over and over again, and tape her for a bit before returning to add more duct tape across her eyes and around her chin. Eventually I put a huge  bow on her and then put the white ballgag on her as a necklace. Her boyfriend is due over in a few hours so turn out the main light and leave her there so he can find her!

The last minute is Red coming out of her encasement.


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run time over 35 minutes

I met Kitty a few years ago. She has been saying that she wanted to come and do bondage for me but never got around to it until last week. It was well worth the wait. She really is a modern day Bettie Page. She has healthy curves, an amazing smile, beautiful skin, silky natural hair and no tattoos. I was looking forward to working with her based on her looks alone but then when I started to tie her up I realized she was VERY flexible! For some reason I assumed she wasn’t flexible but I was very wrong. Her elbows touch, a two inch ballgag went between her teeth with ease and she was receptive to a mouth stuffing gag (a sock) vetwrap around her head and clothespins on her nipples. I also got to spank her and put her into a snug hogtie. She loves every minute and I’m afraid I was startled by her receptiveness and didn’t push her to her limits, tho I didn’t want to scare her away either.  I asked her lots of questions which she answered openly and honestly before I gagged her. I also show some of the ropes coming off. The feeling came back to her hands immediately. I think that means her elbows can be tied up longer next time…and next time will be very soon. I hope you enjoy as much as I did 🙂


The wrong clip was uploaded last night but it should be ok today – JJ  1200pm Eastern Time

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run time over 46 minutes

Dixie Comet is always playing a damsel in distress these days or being a bad guy for Steve Villa. She is a good friend of mine and I happen to know she enjoys bondage in real life. She told me that the balltie I had put Carissa in the day before looked comfy and said she would like to do a balltie. So I was accommodating… I know she can last a lot longer in a box tie so I boxtied her. I had her gag herself with a ballgag. She drooled uncontrollably, so much so then when she got on the ground there was a huge wet spot on her girdle from her drool. I tied up her boobs and put clothespins on them. I removed the ballgag and wiped her face with the giant pair of panties I stuffed in her mouth. I wrapped her head with rope to keep them in. I balltied her and her response was that she couldn’t move. After some time I added face bondage and then once it was time for her to come out of the balltie I didn’t let her out entirely. I put her into a strict hogtie. This is definitely real bondage but there was a lot of laughing and having fun between friends.


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run time 10 minutes and 35 seconds

Julie and JJ find themselves all done up in vintage girdles and tied together on the couch. A man comes in and ballgags them both and leaves them there to struggle. He pulls down JJs bra, puts clothes pins on her nipples and adds more rope to them.  He comes back and puts vetwrap over their ballgags and leaves them struggling.


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run time 9 minutes and 25 seconds

Julie and I sit on the old sofa in girdles ( fully fashioned stockings, heels, all done up. She has a lot of hemp rope in her hands and says to be that she didn’t place in the awards at and obviously needs more practice. I can’t believe it since she is just about the best female rigger out there but if she thinks she needs practice I’m happy to be her guinea pig! She gets to work fast by tying my elbows up, pulling my chest down to my knees, putting a 2+inch purple ballgag bertween my lips and then pushes me over so I can struggle for a bit. When she returns she removes my gag only to take a roll of ace bandage and wrap it very tightly around my head pulling it tight and tying it off. My face is distorted, my cheeks are throbbing and I’m thinking she wanted to seek out some revenge at this point 😉

Speaking of you can go there and vote for allllll of your favorites. You don’t have to sign up for anything and you only need to vote once. I’d love it if you would vote for borntobebound as the best new site. It is already there for you to click on. There are tons of other things to vote for as well. Being mentioned in the top 5 is great because it sends a lot more traffic to those of us that place.


This was a custom video for Dixie that I thought would have wide appeal to members

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run time over 30 minutes

Dixie Comet has a bunch of girl friends that think of her as a frenemy. She talks terribly about all of them and is really full of herself. They decide to hire a dominate woman to teach her to keep her mouth closed. Each of the girls wants to humiliate her and teach her a lesson and picks a gag of choice to shut her up. The woman drags Dixie with her wrists tied and an over the mouth gag and blindfold into a room. While she is gagged the woman demands that Dixie take her blouse and skirt off. She strips down to her panty girdle, long line bra, stockings and heels and then sits in the chair as the woman ties her up, she takes breaks from adding rope to Dixie by changing out her gags.  The cleave and blindfold are removed and she is gagged with a used Nylon stocking, then a used knee sock, then a ballgag, then a pair of her friends panties and very tight vetwrap as a cleave with electrical tape over that. She is untethered from the chair and is stood up and hops over to the desk. Her hands are then tied in front of her and over the desk and the woman spanks her as she drools all over that desk, miserable from the worst of the gags…She is left there to think it all over and told her friends will come to let her out eventually.


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run time 24 minutes and 25 seconds

I have Fayth looking really girlie in a girdle and gloves. Her legs already have a lot of rope on them when the scene begins and I start to tie up her upper body. I put a 2 inch ballgag in her mouth, cinch her elbows together, pull down her long line bra, make her stand up and hop around in heels with those tight leg ropes and then have her lay down. She gets a hogtie and ropes attaching her to the bench, as well as a rope around her neck. Her gag is switched out with stuffing and tight blue vetwrap. She loves rope but is not a happy camper in an elbow tie. Poor baby!!! I snap some photos of her and go to work untying her. She removes her gag on screen…pulling out the size 1o pair of lace panties 🙂


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Lovely GG poses in a vintage girdle and then finds herself all tied up

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