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run time 26 minutes

Freshie Juice thinks she is applying for a position as an assistant. She looks lovely in her red lace dress and black pantyhose. When the woman doing the hiring walks in wearing fetish apparel Freshie is a little taken a back. The woman had seen her social media profiles and knew that she would be down for much more than an assistant position… She spanks the girl over her black pantyhose. She ballgags her. She has her struggle in a black titless straitjacket. The dress is cut off of the girl and much of her pantyhose are too revealing a fool bush. The girl sucks on a strappon and then has her mouth stuffed with part of her own dress which is also used to wrap around her head to keep the gag in. She takes it from behind before being taped up and left writhing on the floor blindfolded and bit gagged….

3rd update of the week

4 scenes in one update!!  This was a custom video

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part 1 hands over head, strappon

run time 24 minutes

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run time  13 minutes

part 2 strappado, hogtie

“Jenna” aka Adara has been called to a warehouse to investigate a tip regarding the disappearance of ms. plush who has been missing over a week. She arrives on her phone telling the person on the line that shes believes this lead to be a end. She hangs up only to find a mysterious smoke coming from in the room, but before she could do anything about it she was out, , when the sinister ghost woman shows up. She fondles and starts to undress Jenna. When Jenna awakes she is tied hands over head handcuffed with her own cuffs. She is ball gagged and now in nothing but her bra and panties. The ghost woman reappears, securing Jenna’s arms above her head with more rope, and ties each ankle so that her legs are spread and adds some clothes pins to her tits and pussy. She is manhandled and hit with a leather battles. She struggles for a bit, her  socks are used to regag her, after they have been run along her pussy. The masked woman takes her down and leads her with a leash to her next punishment. They now are in a room with a chair that the ghost woman takes a seat in as she cuts off Jenna’s panties. She has Jenna drop to her knees to start sucking her nice big cock. After she was satisfied she places the cut off panties in Jenna’s hand and instructs her to rub her pussy with them, getting them nice and wet for when she shoves them in her mouth and wraps duct tape around her head.  She turns Jenna around and forces her to sit on her dick. She fucks poor Jenna for awhile, then switches positions to force fuck Jenna on her back. Smoke begins to fill the room and Jenna is soon out again. When she awakes she is alone and naked, she frantically goes to grab her clothes and get out of there, but the smoke is back and she isn’t so lucky…..

Next she finds herself in a strappodo attached to the missing business woman with a two person ballgag. The other womans elbows are bound. They struggle and finally Jenna gets her arms down. She goes to work trying to untie  When they think they’ve made it out, that smoke appears and they collapse to the floor. Next the women find themselves tape gagged and hogtied next to one another. They were so close to escaping, how could this have happened?? They really want out. The missing business owner manage to slide the ropes off from around her shoulders which loosens the hogtie enough for her to eventually sit up, but those elbow ropes are so darn tight, it is hard to use her fingers to try to untie the cop and the cop doesn’t understand what she is trying to tell her. Amazingly enough she gets the cop out enough so that she can start to untie her. It seems they are going to make it out!! Only that fog comes back, the ladies fall silent.  The room suddenly clears and all you hear is the masked woman laugh.

3rd update of the week

this was a custom, continued on the story line from last week

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run time 29 minutes

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run time over 9 minutes

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run time 20 minutes

Fayth is still paying for hiring JJ’s niece to be a hooker. She is told to remove her pantyhose tied up and marched over to the couch by her hair. She is banged from behind, then she gets a ballgag and painfull nipple clamps and more strap on sex, then she is forced to bounce up and down on it. When she seems to be enjoying it too much she is pushed over to the couch and put back to sleep. When she wakes she is given fresh pantyhose and a satin blouse and tight skirt to put on. She gets tied up again. The big red satin panties she was wearing earlier are now jammed into her mouth, heavy duct tape is used to seal them in. She is put back out and when she wakes she is hogtied shortly thereafter. JJ wants to make sure she is packaged up nicely before the nice man from the Michigan Militia appears to take her away. When he arrives he is happy to take her, so they put her back out again in order to transport her away…..