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2nd update of the week

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full clip, run time 21 minutes

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part 2 only, starting with stuffing gags  run time over 10 minutes

Freshie realizes her girlfriend Ramona is cheating on her with JJ and she decides to have a little fun and humiliate them. She eventually calls JJs hubby Tony in to get in on the fun. Freshie leads the thick thighed cheaters JJ and Ramona to the basement, both only half dressed in shiny hosiery and 5″ heels with their wrists tied. When Tony arrives both ladies are ballgagged and get one boob tied to the other as well as one leg and JJs elbows are tied. They are forced to walk around like that and then led to a basement post and attached to it. Then both ladies get their mouths stuffed and saran wrap around their heads. Afraid the girls might sweat the wrap off they get clear tape added ass well. They are left alone  and utterly frustrated when they are unable to get just one leg rope off but nothing else. When will their spouses come back to release them? Who knows…

3rd update of the week

Her (Ramona Flour) first time appearing on borntobebound!

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run time 20 minutes

Ramona is a very sexy woman with an incredible face. She isn’t the brightest gal on the block. She decides she is going to hook up with a boss to get what she wants, only it isn’t her boss that appears, it is a jealous coworker. Ramona thinks maybe the boss is going to join them both. She is kind of playful about the situation but the woman from the office isn’t there to joke around. She takes off her glasses and realizes they are fake! She ties her hands and runs a crotch rope, she gags her with a big red ballgag that looks specifically like it was made for Ramona. After a while it is changed out to some panties and microfoam tape with electrical tape and clear tape and the juicy lady is still making so much noise!! At some point it became obvious that Ramona is really ticklish so her feet are tickled in her fancy stockings. Then she is left there bound and helpess.