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Morina is a smoking hot late 40s something woman with shiny blond hair and a trim tan figure. I’ve been looking forward to tying her up for a long time. She has lots of energy and just lights up a room. I wanted to, well slow her down!!! I ask her questions while I tie her up…I do all of the tying on screen, starting with her legs and then gag her with a red ballgag with chin strap which gets her drooling quickly. next I tie ropes on her chest and then her tie her arms together. She struggles on the stool in the basement until I decide to swap out the gag, stuffing her mouth with panties and wrapping her head with tape for the first time ever in her bondage career. Then I have her hop over to the little ottoman where I start to put her in one she calls her tightest hogtie and of course the most rope anyone has ever used on her, plus her first stocking over the head, which I pull back to her hogtie. Once I let her out she tells us what she likes best about bondage and lets me know she will come back for more!

run time almost 27 minutes

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This is the first and only tie claire put me in but I got to relax and simply enjoy it! She does the intricate breast bondage first, then ties my elbows, hikes them up into a chicken wing and finally puts me into a nice hogtie and wraps a neck around my neck for my pleasure. The petite thing is strong and she actually lifts me up in my hogtie! She gags me with a big red ballgag and rolls me from side to side and all is wonderful in my world!!! The untying is on screen too, I ramble a lot, subspacey from my little bondage journey.

run time about 44 minutes

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JJ is tied very tightly to a dolly in a tight sweater, blue mini skirt and over the knee boots. She can hardly struggle but since she is making a lot of noise her captor comes up to her and stuffs a big red ballgag in her mouth. He gropes her boobs and runs his hands over her body then leaving her there on her own for a bit. He returns groping her more and moving the dolly around, which makes her yelp out in fear. Eventually he rolls her out of view to take her to the next location…

run time 3 minutes and 30 seconds
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Model: Whitney Morgan from

I’ve never been much into the idea of having chil dren, but I’ve always loved having pets. Pretty blond Whitney is on her knees in the closet with her hands pulled above her head and tied off to the pole above. She’s in a waist cyncher, cuban stockings, black bra, and black fetish heels, complete with a black hood over her head and a plastic dental gag pulling her gums away from her cheeks showing off her perfect teeth. I open the door as she wimpers to be let out, put a leash on her, let her down from the pole and have her scoot on her knees thru the hall across the kitchen and into the living room, where she leans over the couch and I give her a nice hand spanking before removing her hood, cutting off her black full bottom panties, stuffing them into her mouth and wrapping silver tape around her head. Then I tie up her flexible arms brutally tight, and decide to add thick electrical tape to the gag, hogtie her removing her fetish heels and let her struggle there before sitting down to watch enjoying a glass of w ine.

run time about 23 minutes
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JJ is sitting in bed looking at her computer. She hears someone roaming about. She gets up to investigate and sees a woman wearing a stocking cap going through her drawers. She yells “Hey” on the woman takes off for the back door, but JJ catches her, c hokes her out and ties up her wrists and ankles while she’s on the floor . Then she removes her stocking cap revealing her pretty face…(SOMEHOW the gagging portion is NOT in the clip- so she magically appears gagged w panties in her mouth and duct tape wrapped around her head, and more of a chest harness). The car burglar struggles about some more before JJ gets more rope to put her into a hogtie, and pulls her boobs out of her blouse and then goes off to call the cops. When she comes back, she puts the stocking cap on the burglars head and ties it back to the hogtie rope and then sits down to struggle waiting for the cops to come, tho when she hears a knocking on the door she makes sure to put the pretty burglars boobs back into her blouse.

run time 9 minutes and 45 seconds

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German fetish superstar Yvette is dressed in a latex, girdle, fully fashioned stockings and boots as I start to tie her up. She gets a chest harness, elbows together, writs tied off to her sides, crotch rope on her bare crotch. She gets a ballgag with chin strap and nipple clamps which I use to attach a leash to and lead her through the big vacation house, even outdoors and then back up some steps into the house. She gets seated in a chair and some clothes pins aded to her nipples, then her legs tied off to the sides of the chair, a rope across the thighs used mostly to pull her nipple clamps down. She keeps putting her head down, so I attach a rope to the back of her gag and pull her head back so we can see her pretty little face a bit more. Yvette is a very good bondage model, like a lot of German models pretty stoic. She drools A LOT which she doesn’t like. She also doesn’t like gags very much at all…tho she is very tough when it comes to tight ties. So I’m a bit mean and leave that ballgag in her mouth the entire clip…Then I find a big pair of red lace panties and cut a hole in them for the ballgag, and tie them off in back. Then I get some reaction out of her by removing those clothes pins. I tell her I’m going to go make dinner and wait for our house guests, but not before pulling her head back even more and taking a couple iphone pics. I tell her she might be able to untie herself because there are some knots close to her wrists, but her arms are pretty purple and it’s really no use. So she stays there drooling and looking pretty for us for a bit before I come back and tell her I’ll do her a favor and remove the nipple clamps for her.

run time approximately 20 minutes

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Yvette Costeau is the bondage darling of Germany, and rightfully so! She is such a beautiful woman inside and out and she looks incredible all bound up. I got to visit Germany again at New Years and I got to tie her up a number of times.  I had a lot of fun encasing her and I really enjoyed running the gag through her mouth and around her feet. She is so tough and incredibly stoic but she doesn’t like gags so much, but the sadist in me really enjoys getting a reaction out of her.

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