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run time 35 minutes

Anna is a bossy boss and her employees think she needs an attitude adjustment so they hire a domme to adjust her attitude. The woman walks in and drops her trenchcoat and approaches the pretty young woman. Anna laughs and pushes the domme towards the door but the woman turns around and twists her arm and says she has been paid to do this job. Anna complies and finds herself actually enjoying the encounter for the most part which is NOT what her employees were expecting but the domme is having a great time. Anna is gagged with a stocking and layers and layers of pantyhose. She struggles in various positions in her reinforced toe pantyhose before being hogtied and then hooded with another stocking. When the domme decides to leave Anna there for the rest of the session Anna panicks and begs her not to go, she does anyway promising to be back. When she comes back she ungags Anna and asks her if she’d like to go out for a drink

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