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run time 28 minutes

Raven Eve is smoldering in silky pantyhose, a pantyhose top and 6” heels. She has been cuffed to the chair. She puts on a struggling show  before I get to work Saran wrapping her lovely toned body to the post and add some black tape. We play with some big lips and nipple clamps.  Her mouth gets stuffed and her head is firmly wrapped to the post. Her ankles are still cuffed. The head attached to the post definitively quieted this beauty down.


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run time 26 minutes

Raven and JJ are friends. JJ told Raven about some extra money she was making as a foot model the last time they saw one another, Raven liked the idea and started applying for all the same jobs which meant JJ wasn’t getting them. JJ pretends to be happy for her friend but wants to get some revenge in a passive aggressive way telling her dommey friend Raven that she could make some money doing bondage clips as well…JJ knew Raven would not enjoy being bound though. Raven is ballgagged and drools all over herself. Her arms are tied tightly while she stands in fetish heels she bought special for her foot modeling gigs. Eventually she is pushed to the couch and her heels removed. Her mouth is stuffed and head wrapped and wrapped and she is hogtied on the couch and finally left with her toes tied…

2nd update of the week

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run time 24 minutes

Raven and Lucy Purr have been strung up out in a shop strappado style. Their lean bodies looking incredible. After a while they find the remote to lower themselves from the position they were in and they try to make their way out of the building in their 5 inches heels, wrist ties and gags. Once they get to the door they are sad to see their captor is there. She dutifully leads them to a set of chairs. She ties them, stuffs their mouths and wraps their pretty heads with clear tape. She rips the crotch of the pantyhose on one. She leaves them there and the girls struggle hard and mmph and really try to get out of their bindings. Once they get their arms free they are still stuck to the chairs, their little t-rex arms remove their gags as they worry about whether the woman got what she came for or not.

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