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run time 20 minutes and 40 seconds

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream – shorter not as much tying shown

run time 10 minutes

At Boundcon I saw Paulli walking around a few times with his slave Elecktra VanZunlt. She was always beautifully bound, which made me envious. Then Paulli flatters me and says he loves my bondage and that I can take a huge ballgag. I don’t know, this kind of flattery always overwhelms me- especially coming from people that are better riggers than I am! I asked Paulli if he would be kind enough to tie me up the following day and he said yes! He also reserved one of the stages for a suspension and told me Tony could tape it for me. This made me so happy.  Stages are not my favorite but it is easier being tied on stage than doing the tying and it has gotten a little easier over the years because of Boundcon but my heart still races and it is hard to speak clearly. I was slightly worried because I hadn’t been suspended in well over a year! Elecktra took photos that I’ll post here soon. So off he goes tying me up on the stage, chicken wing tie and a suspension and my giant red ballgag. He makes a few adjustments to the position and lets me down. It was fun and his first time tying me! I think it went well. I know it is nerve racking tying a new person tightly, and on a stage and after a couple long convention days! I loved it. They wanted me to tie Elecktra but with all of the ties I had been in that weekend, my head was not in the right place. Next time!