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run time 27 minutes

Adara didn’t escape and get that shoe out of her mouth so here we go again- she gets tied and not me.  She is tied on her back leg up towards her mouth, a heel and ballgag are attached while I finish up the tie and then a heel is taped around her head. Playfully I shove the strap in her nose to make her crazy. Her hands are taped up. She gets heels on her hands. She is pretty vulnerable and helpless there on my basement floor, nice tight crotch rope just rolling around.

3rd update of the week

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run time  43 minutes

 Adara has a custom. She needs to get the heel out of her mouth and escape her bindings tied to a chair. I like to make this more fun, so she gets a starter heel gag while I get her secured. Most would not consider that a starter gag. She also gets shocked with a collar someone bought her from her amazon wishlist. It’s funny…for me anyway!!!!  She is tightly crotchroped in the chair, she gets tickled, she gets shocked and she gets challenging heel gags. She manages to get her hands out at the end and they are all swollen up but she doesn’t escape- so watch in weeks to come for her humiliating bondage punishment.

2nd update of the week

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run time 37 minutes

A while back there was a custom challenge 3 heel gags, get one out and win the custom money.

It is my turn to do the challenge. Watch and see what happens….just a little info, that yellow shoe (the taste) made me gag for real…seriously and terribly- was Adara nicer after that????

This was a custom for Adara

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run time over 30 minutes

This was a custom and the gentleman that orders them is really into the heel gag and us being us. An hour before we shot this clip I had Adara and Rachel tie me up for a clip. They did a pretty nice job, my arms were asleep immediately and the gag was real.  They did what I asked them to do for sure! That will be posted this week but here I was in a funny mood and I had my chance to peacock a little…The idea: If Adara can get 1 of 3 gags out of her mouth she gets $300. Obviously I can make that not happen pretty easily but on the second gag I give her a chance. First I tie her a little standing to show off her thick little body, she is crotch roped. During this ordeal I barely tie her arms behind her because bondage isn’t the point here-well she breaks the back of my rickety chair- although it is safely keeping her upright. She gets a hand out so I tape it up. I make her say naughty things about how turned on she gets from heels in her mouth each time and about the gags making her pussy wet etc etc. I playfully pretend like I’m going to choke her jamming it down her throat. There is A LOT OF LAUGHTER. The first gag which is lots of duct tape wrapped around her head she just can’t get off, the second one she pretty much does get out of her mouth but not off of her face of course- despite really trying to try using her taped up hand even. Well I’m not done with her. I take the third heel, um the most expensive of the heels I had given her as a present to wear months ago which is covered in bite marks from previous clips and I bend it over and tape it into her mouth. Her cheeks look like chipmunk cheeks and her mouth is full. This is a super legit gag. She isn’t comfy but she is fine.The makeup of course by now is already streaming down her face because the last clear tape heel gag basically poisoned her. It had a very intoxicating smell to it. Now one of her hands is tied and taped in front pretty severely and I’m still worried that the 1940s chair may actually collapse. I tease her that even though she did get the tan shoe out of her mouth she didn’t get it off her face and she broke my chair (which was $10 in 2008) so I get to keep all the clip money, but I would never do that, or would I?  I lay down on the floor and I stab her boobs and her feet with my high heels. It gets a real reaction as I exclaim “stab” and laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of the situation- runny makeup, chipmunk cheeks, crazy hair, broken chair, crazy bondage, me on the floor resting my legs on her lap. It was fun and the customer and enjoyed it.

3rd update of the week

This was a custom clip

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run time 32 minutes

Adara has a heel gag custom for us, we simply gag one another with heels. Yay. She says she’s done heel gags before and has the heels to use. She bring down a pile of 5.  I gave her 4 pair and then she brought in one pair of vintage frederick heels that I always wanted her to give to me because she didn’t really like them. I never asked for them, she would have given them to me but I don’t like to ask for things. Now they are ruined, what a bummer. The other 4 pair were gifts from me for her to bring to shoots. Of course they are ruined with teeth marks, well the two pair that didn’t  have any teeth marks I decide not to  use for this clip.  I gave them to her so I shouldn’t be mad, I obviously didn’t want them anymore however I’m a tad annoyed. She even bent the pointy ones over assuring they would be ruined, but wow, what a nice mouth filling gag that makes bending them over! So we begin heels and tape several ways. My personal  favorite was the heel gag on her with lots of duct tape. It looked creepy and worked as a blindfold. She took most of the worst ones but it is not my fault she is just too nice. I also enjoyed jamming 3 in her mouth and what I like best is that we couldn’t remove any of them just by trying to spit them out. They were in there. Well we had done several gags but I decide I want to leave her hogtied for ruining the things I gave her and to make the clip better to post here- both. She isn’t the most bendy but I pull her arms closer than I usually do as a subtle little F U. Lets face it practice makes perfect with bondage anyway. She has one final shoe gag on and I leave her hogtied, shiny pantyhose velvet dress and all.

This was a custom video for Riley Rose who is local and always happy to shoot customs

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run time 23 minutes

Riley is struggling with a big ballgag. JJ gives her a break from it and shoves a heel in her mouth. By accident it drops out of her mouth to the floor. So JJ tries the ballgag again but Riley is miserable and suggest that JJ tape the heel in. JJ likes the idea and tapes the heel into the pretty all natural girls mouth. Her big boobs are pulled out, she is tied up more and eventually hogtied, but who knows if the drool will loosen that tape so lots more clear tape is added to the gag to make sure it is stuck in her mouth as she rolls about on the floor in her sparkly dress.

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