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 1st update of the week will be 2 clips from long ago, never posted here, 2009 perhaps?


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run time over 12 minutes

A man ( Steve Villa) appears with a rifle. He tapes up and stuffs the mouth of two buxom women (Elane Hershey & JJ Plush). He leaves them to struggle before returning to pull their boobs out from their tops. After more struggling he drags the girded woman away but returns for some fun with the one in pantyhose….

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run time 14 minutes

JJ and Elane have had enough of Amanda’s  stealing little things here and there and then she stole JJ’s money. They set Amanda up and JJ has her all tied up, real tight. Together the women shove a big pink squishy gag in her mouth and strap it in tightly. That’s not good enough so they take that off and put a huge hard red ball gag in her mouth and you can tell the girl HATES it. The women take that gag out and stuff her mouth with cloth and wrap a special wrap around her head. That keeps her quiet but when the women took that gag off, the girl said some things Elane and JJ aren’t going to put up with and they gag Amanda REAL GOOD. JJ stuffs half of her mouth shoving the handkerchief deep in her cheek, Elane does the other cheek with another huge handkerchief. JJ holds it in while Elane cleave gags her. Then they wrap micro foam tape over that and then wrap electrical tape over that. She’s going to be sorry she EVER crossed them.

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17 minutes

Elane’s son is the star football player and she has big plans for him. Her son tells her that his teacher is there and wants to talk to her. Elane knows this probably isn’t good but invites her in to talk. The teacher is telling Elane that he’s failing and Elane makes it clear that her son will certainly pass and continue with his sports. The teacher won’t budge so then enters his Aunt JJ. Drastic measures are needed and JJ takes control. Together the women explain to the teacher she will give him a good grade but the teacher refuses so they’re going to convince her otherwise. Elane holds the teacher while JJ begins to tie her up. She tries to yell for help but Elane covers her mouth with her hand so JJ can keep going. JJ (being a part time dominatrix) had a large leather plug gag they shove in her mouth. JJ straps it tightly around her head. They undo her top revealing beautiful large breasts. The woman is tied tight with a chest harness and crotch rope. They take the gag off and JJ stuffs  her mouth full and together they wrap clear duct tape around her head. Then the teacher is hogtied on the floor and JJ takes pics telling her that she’ll show EVERYONE unless the teacher gives her nephew a great passing grade. The teacher finally gives in.

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run time 26 minutes

A reporter named Jamie Knotts hears that a local dominatrix is operating from her home. She thinks this equals prostitution ring. She decides to sneak in through the womans back door with her friend waiting in the car. She doesn’t realize the woman is home and watching her on camera. She is greeted by a weapon and tied up. She finally realizes who the pretty woman is but that doesn’t matter. Eventually her friend (Elane Hershey) gets worried and comes in but she is also greeted with a weapon and tied up. They both gets ballgags and they are tied into one another. Their breasts are exposed and their heads pushed into one anothers. Their gags are changed. Jamie gets a sock and black tape and Elane gets panties and black tape. They are hogtied and left on the floor mmpping helpless like while the woman prepares for her session.

* some footage of the gags coming off after the credits

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run time 27 minutes

Elane is home invaded by two crazy girl crooks. They force her into a chair and begin to tie her up. They keep asking her where she keeps her bit coins, they heard she has a ton of them. Elane tells them they’re crazy, it’s all on the computer and they won’t find any bit coins laying around. The girls don’t believe her, what kind of money exists on a computer? They shove her mouth full of cloth and wrap duct tape around her head. They continue to tie Elane but the blonde chic is really crazy. She has long thin ropes that dig into Elane as she’s tying her tight but then the girl takes her huge breast out and begins to tie them so tight that they look like they’re going to pop. They turn this horrible red color and they’re not through with Elane. They take off the gag and Elane pleads for them to let her go but they don’t. They gag her again and wrap electrical tape around her head. They tie the breasts even tighter together and put nipple clamps on her. Just when Elane thinks she can’t take anymore, the girls put rope through the nipple claims and form a jump rope. One girl stands turning the rope and the other girl jumps the rope pulling horribly on Elane’s tits… This is some kind of horrible abuse by the dumb crooks! The girls leave after they finally found out there were no bit coins to take.

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run time 26 minutes and 45 seconds

Sass is on interview with two women from a tape company, Elane Hershey & JJ. Her resume says she is in paper sales but they know who she is, not a lot of women look like Sass. She works for the competition and she wants to know how their tape is made. She is eager for a plant tour. They decide to show her first hand how their tape works….She goes for it at first once they begin taping her up, but once a giant ballgag emerges she knows that she has been caught. The show no mercy. They tape her very tightly cinching her arms to her body. They open her blouse just to humiliate her. They leave her struggling before stuffing her mouth and wrapping her head with tape. They alternate between her companies tape and their tape explaining the differences. They get her hogtaped but well why not tape up her hands and her feet and add even more tape to the hogtape. The pretty girls face is painfully distorted and she can’t find any relief as she struggles about on the hard wood floor.

Last update of the week

This was a very unique custom video!!

Elane Hershey LOVES bondage truly and she hadn’t been tied up for a year and a half until this happened!! She did such a great job with that gag and that hogtie, and the final part with their heads taped down like that while gagged wasn’t exactly easy either.

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Run time 45 minutes

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20 minutes

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2o minutes

Elane Hershey comes home from work and is met by her very angry landlord. She is escorted upstairs and tied up at gunpoint. A pair of panties and a hanky are stuffed into her big mouth. Her blouse is opened and her big boobs fondled. She is tied up and hogtied. Her roommate Amanda Marie comes in and the same thing happens to her. The landlord leaves them struggling to prep the space for another adventure in the attic. The two are untied at the ankles and escorted up the stairs. Microfoam is added to their already tight gags. Elane is tied spread to the bed and then Amanda placed between her legs. They are attached to the bed with rope and tape. Amanda’s head is stuffed firmly between Elane’s epic boobs. The women are hot, uncomfortable and having a hard time breathing…The angry landlord could care less and enjoys seeing the pair suffer.

Jamie Knotts finally returned and so did Ms Elane Hershey! This clip was shot with the old camera because I needed the camera man to be in the clip-

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run time almost 18 minutes

JJ and Elane Hershey walk a nice looking blonde lady into the room. She has already been taped up at the wrists. They tape her up more. They know she has a lot of money and jewels, she flaunts it about town so they plan to take those things for themselves. They stuff her mouth and wrap it with a tight piece of fabric. They manhandle her. They take off to get her belongings. When they return they stuff them in her expensive handbag. They are about to leave when Elane turns the gun on JJ who is in utter disbelief. It turns out Elane doesn’t want to share the goods with JJ. Her boy toy comes in and gets to work taping JJ up very tightly. They stuff her mouth with two hankies and wrap tape around her face. She is just as helpless as the homeowner now. The duo adds tape to Jamie’s mouth and more to JJ and they take off with the jewelry and bag…

2 for 1 update:

Another clip from the past with Elane Hershey and Jack shot for her site in 2008 or 2009

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run time 13 minutes

Elane’s son was going to be kicked off the football team for a failing class. Elane and her son pay the teacher a little visit to make her change her mind and give her son a passing grade. The mother and son team up tying the teacher. One wraps tape around her head as the other one stuffs her mouth. Once tied, Elane tells her son to take pictures and if she wants to keep her job without sexual harassment charges against her, she will pass her beloved son. Finally, the teacher agrees and the mom leaves him there to have a little fun with Ms Plush before he leaves.


I bought this from Elane’s store to post here. She gave me permission. There will be more that I post as bonus updates down the road since the quality is a little different than what you expect from my clips, not just the camera but the camera work. This was before I was tying people up. This was before Eric Cain was the hardcore sadist he is today!


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run time 16 minutes

JJ and Cassondra are at the park and JJ tells Cassondra that she told her mom about their situation and she was angry. Once the two women get home, JJ’s mom comes in and talks with her. The mom won’t except her decision to be lesbian and threatens her that she’ll tell Eric (her old boyfriend). The mom leaves and Eric comes to have A TALK with JJ. He gets her tied up and as he gags her, her lover Cassondra comes in and attacks him telling him to leave her alone. He gets her off of him and chokes her out. He ties Cassondra up and she is screaming at him. He ROUGHLY wraps Cassondra’s mouth, stuffs and wraps it some more. The two women lay bound, gagged and helpless after Eric is done with them.

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