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This is an older clip that Steve Villa/ Girl Next Door shot of Elane Hershey and I

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run time 14 minutes 25 seconds

Elane is trying to get rid of her old boyfriend. But as she talks on the phone, she doesn’t realize that he has sneaked in her home. When she hangs up, he grabs her and covers her face with a damp cloth. Elane tries to fight, but she is soon overcome and she . The boyfriend quickly tapes her up. He then drags her across the floor so he can load her up in his car. But Elane wakes up and starts crying out. He quickly gags her to keep the neighbors from hearing her as he is drags her out. But just then, JJ Plush shows up and starts knocking at the door. The man tries to get rid of JJ, but she forces her way in and finds Elane all taped and gagged. So the man has no choice but to grab JJ and tape her up too. She tries to put up a fight, but after a short time, JJ finds herself bound with tape and gagged right next to Elane. The girls struggle trying to get each other loose. They grunt and whimper through the gags. Then just before the boyfriend is going drag Elane off, he decides to have some fun with JJ. After he pulls the girls boobs out of their bras, he drags JJ into a nearby room. Elane cannot do anything as she watches the man pull JJ’s pantyhose down.


I don’t like to post older clips as updates since many of you may have purchased them on clips4sale in the past, but I am terribly behind. Expect bonus updates next week to make up for it!

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run time 12 minutes and 54 seconds

Two men force a woman into a basement and ask her where her mom is. They begin to tape her up tightly with duct tape and then stuff her mouth and wrap it with packing tape. Her mom (Elane Hershey) comes home and is forced onto the bed and taped up herself. Her mouth is stuffed and her head wrapped with packing tape as well. The two men leave the helpless women taped up on the bed and go upstairs for a while. When they come back they don’t plan on letting them go..they simply hogtape the women really tightly and leave them mmmphing on the bed.

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