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new model to this site Megan Jones!

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run time over 21 minutes

Charlie just dumped a guy that got a little too obsessed with her. Her girl friends are excited to get a night out with her. When someone knocks at the door they think it is their friend Dixie, but it is the crazed x. He has JJ by the arm and he has a gun. He throws a bag of rope on the floor and tells JJ to tie the two girls up. They beg for him to stop. He’s angry and hurt and thinks they all look like sluts in their outfits. If he can’t have Charlie no one can. He seems to have lost his mind. JJ gets both girls tied and then he makes her gag the girls with Charlie’s panties and microfoam tape. Then it is JJs turn. He ropes her up and then jams his tongue down her throat before stuffing her mouth with panties and wrapping her head. He makes the girls kneel before having them get to their stomachs to hogtie each of them…He pulls out their boobs and leaves them all there.

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