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run time over 38 minutes

JJ Plush is in the cell, wearing the orange uniform, white socks, orange flip flops and the id card, white tank top and boxers. The guard, Cherry Busom comes in and searches her, a piece of soap is found on her so she is cuffed behind the back, and her legs are shackled, like this she is moved to the common area and told to sit down and then given new clothes, the large blue whtie striped uniform.  She is cuffed in a high security way bluebox, mittens, connector chain and legirons. She is moved to the prisoner van and driven to the court, since her parole hearing was set up. In court she is sitting on a chair where she is questioned and the guard gives her opinion so of course JJ gets  bad news, she will remain in prison for at least another 5 years. She starts to freak out and gets moved to the restraint chair, with a spit mask on and she attempts to spit at the guard. After some time in the chair she calms down and gets told to exercise on the line by walking for some minutes on it. Once walking she is given the orange and white two piece uniform to wear and cuffed in front and with legs shackled. Then she is left on a chair again for some time and then brought back to cell where she is sure to tell you that you are hers now for another 5 years.