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The correct clip should be here now

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run time over 8 minutes

I’m in Spain with metal elbow cuffs and a ballgag and I’m dusting a BDSM apartment to the best of my ability with a feather duster. Next I appear with legs irons and then wrist cuffs doing the same. Lots of bending over and walking happens. After a while I get bored and pick up the TV remote and lay down on that cute little couch to relax for a bit still in my metal bindings. Next you see the hand that belongs to Supertightbondage turn off the tv, oops…. Then I appear shackled to the ceiling in a metal strappado, then my boobs are out with nipple clamps and a weight danging from them and then it is attached to my gag.

Aside from the hand turning off the tv you don’t not see the person adding metal to me.

first video I’ve ever posted with Katarina Blade, see much more of her at my friends site,

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full clip, run time 25 minutes

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mostly struggling, run time 7 and a half minutes

 I’m in Spain after the bound1 event in Munich with this beauty Katarina Blade, we begin with her cuffing her hands in front and putting ankle cuffs on, then I try a few gags on her before she stands up and is cuffed with hands over head. I add nipple clamps and put some weight on them, she then starts a cute little dance using one foot to try to keep the weight from dangling so heavily. Next she gets hogcuffed on top of the cage, with more weighted nipple clamps and the scene ends with me removing them.

There was more of a gag demo but the camera decided to have some sound problems and a very terrible noise occurred on some of the clips. I cut those scenes out, the parts with her standing and laying in bondage had no such problems, thankfully.

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full clip: run time over 27 minutes

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struggling/ gags/ hogtie run time over 14 minutes

Continued from a storyline 8/20/17  when Adara came into JJs office chained her up and stole all of her things to take her identity.

Adara has been caught. She bought a wig and stuffed her bra to look more like her victim! They are even dressing alike. She has been enjoying her new life living with another persons good credit but the game is over now… This criminal is now a damsel in distress, JJ has her and the usually nice woman is angry and wants to inflict pain on the thief before calling her cop friend to take her in. Adara gets tied up, arms tighter than her flexibility truly allows for. She is nipple clamped and then her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head wrapped tightly. She has a tight crotch rope over her thongs. She struggles around on the floor, unable to do anything but shimmy a leg rope down, which just gets her in trouble. Her heels are removed and her silky stocking feet are tortured- fingers digging into pressure points, paired with tickling. This gets a real reaction out of her which delights JJ. Then she is hogtied, sweating and eyes welling up with tears twine is wrapped around her gag and her nipple clamps are pulled up. Now she absolutely refuses to roll over and lays there in absolute misery waiting for whatever comes next.

*bonus footage at the end of a panic situation – she had a leg cramp but I wasn’t understanding her gag talk–

Garter and stockings from just figures and for those of you that wonder why I don’t spell it out, my vanilla life knows about the lingerie company, but just like many of you keep your bondage secrets I like to keep mine private too, many of them do not know about JJ Plush and this bondage site and I like it that way .  I’d prefer people to have to dig than to have it hit them in the face…