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3rd update of the week

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run time almost 34 minutes

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run time 10 minutes and 30 minutes

continued from a theme of her posted February 11

Rose is a bad employee and doesn’t follow the rules. Today her boss came in and found her in casual clothes and  playing with her phone with fast food on her desk. She is supposed to dress and act professionally even though she doesn’t deal with the public. She needs to be taught a lesson so she is handed satin panties, a lace bra, control top pantyhose and classic black patent pumps. She is taken to the basement and put into a basic strappado and wrapped up with clear cellophane. JJ tells her that this will help her detox from the fast food, after making a snarky comment about how lucky she is to stay so thin and eat that garbage. She gets a red ballgag between her teeth. She is left to struggle for a bit. Then her arms are let down from the strappado position and lots of clear tape is added to her bondage and used to attach her to the post. Her mouth is stuffed with a scarf and clear tape wrapped around her head. She is spanked 10 times and forced to count. Her hands a are pulled back into a bit of a strappado and the nasty nipple clamps which were applied earlier are taken off so rope can be threaded into them and then reapplied which makes her squeal. They are tied off to a post in front of her. Then lots of plastic wrap is added around her head kind of smashing her face into the post. She can only open one pretty green eye. You can see sweat/ steam start to form inside the plastic. Her boss leaves there in that position to learn to follow the rules…