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run time 23 minutes

This man named Jack fantasies about being a woman and wearing beautiful vintage lingerie and satin clothing. He falls asleep fantasizing about being a woman. When he wakes up he is a woman, dressed in a satin blouse and shorts, fully fashioned stockings, a long leg panty girdle and strapless bustier. A man barges in demanding to know here Jack is. Jack, now a woman has to say that he isn’t there…so the bad guys decides to get Jacks lady friend all tied up until he returns.  She likes it a lot more than she should…

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run time 33 minutes

JJ is zipping up her long leg panty girdle when Adara comes in and starts making fun of her for wearing such old fashioned lingerie. JJ doesn’t find it funny and decides to punish her brat friend by making her put on a similar panty girdle and bullet bra after a bare bottomed spanking. She is gagged and cuffed to a post and spanked in her satin bottomed girdle. Then she gets an over the knee spanking and waist cincher. She gets her yellow panties stuffed in her mouth and hogtied on the bed with rope and then electrical tape to make the situation even more uncomfortable. Poor Adara, she should stop being such a bitch.

1st update of the week

I’ve had a good number of requests for long leg panty girdles so here you go girdle guys… Find mine at just figures dot com of course

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run time 20 minutes

JJ is smoking a clove cigarette in the bedroom when she hears her boyfriend Steve Villa come in. She quickly puts it out and puts the ashtray in the nightstand. He smells it immediately and he can tell she is lying about it. Then she says she is trying to lose a few lbs and shes heard that smoking helps. This doesn’t make him any happier.  He opens the drawer and sees the ashtray. He puts her over his knee and spanks her big behind.  Then he grabs some rope to tie her up. He’s not happy with what is coming from her mouth so he stuffs it closed with panties and a microfoam cleave gag. Her elbows and forearms are heavily tied. She is sweating. He’s not done with her yet though, he hogties her and leaves her there helplessly mmmphing on the floor…He has a different kind of diet in mind. She can stay there all tied up while he heads out to gets dinner without her.