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This camera was retired after this shoot but there are still other clips shot with it that I need to post

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15 minutes and 27 seconds

Lil Mizz Unique slept her way to the top which just infuriates JJ. She wants to humiliate the pretty young thing. She even pulls off her pencil skirt. She looks so darn sexy that there isn’t much to be humiliated by. Her mouth gets stuffed with a little rag, her head is wrapped with vetwrap and the belt from her skirt.  Her long legs are taped up frog style and she struggles on the floor while the jealous older woman steals her heels after tickling her soles for a bit.

My first time working with Lil Mizz Unique. I only had an hour…I did get another clip.

She is definitely not tough like a lot of the other women I work with but she sure is absolutely lovely

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run time over 15 minutes

JJ has caught on to her husbands affair with Unique. She has seen all the texts and dirty photos and she knows this woman is a flight attendant. As she brings this pretty girl into the room Unique proclaims that she is actually not Unique but her twin sister. JJ says she is not buying it especially since she knows Unique is a flight attendant. This girl claims that she is wearing a Halloween costume for a party that starts soon and that it is not even her sisters uniform at all but JJ isn’t buying it.

She is tied up and ballgagged and struggles around. JJ returns to the girl now on the floor and wants to immobilize her more. She puts a little hanky in Uniques mouth and wraps it tightly with a stretchy pink cloth. She adheres her wrists to her slender body and hogties her. She takes off those dangerous pointy heels and decides to try them on for herself after tickling her feet with them and they are a perfect fit!! She mmmphs about on the floor in her fancy sheer gloves and her white fully fashioned stockings waiting for the mad womans husband to come home so that he can explain that there has been a mix up. He runs in and removes the gag and tells his wife that she does indeed have the wrong sister. JJ then says that she is going to need to see some ID.