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2nd update of the week

this was a custom, interested in one I’m doing them again and so is Tony/ gotcuffs

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run time 41 minutes

Adara comes in and asks me what she should wear in the next bondage clip. I tell her lets just start now. Her towel drops, she doesn’t know what is going to happen.  She is tied face down on the bed in her socks with a vetwrap cleave gag with a small ballgag added to that. She is tickled all over the place and left to struggle but then it is time to gag her with her sock and some clear tape. She gets all tied up standing and then is on the bed and hogtied and tickled. She then gets a black leather mask added and her big toes are tied tightly with more tickling. She complains about me but she comes back for more and more and more and loves every minute of it! I leave her hogtied, toss her some scissors and tell her to escape and then I can finally be her mistress which is clearly what she really wants. She cuts her toe string and pulls hard to get out of the hogtie and stands up and hops out of the room to find me.